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Kaspersky Anti-Virus protects messages in The BAT! versions 1.60 and higher

Starting with The Bat! version 1.60 it is possible to automatically conduct antivirus control of all email messages and attachments.

In order to take advantage of this it is necessary to do the following:

  1. Install Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Please note that The Bat! is supported by only Personal Pro (versions 4 and higher) and Business Optimal (versions 3.5.9 and higher).
  2. After installation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus you need to launch The Bat! software and go to "Properties - anti-virus protection - add" and choose "Kaspersky Anti-Virus".

The Bat! shows that the antivirus plug-in was successfully installed. You should now go to setup.


Kaspersky Labs strongly recommends using the setting that permits attached files to be checked for viruses prior to opening. Using this option lets the antivirus software check not only emails but also all attachments - where virus writers typically hide malicious code.

Checking incoming emails for viruses - this option is on by default and should be switched off only if for some reason you don't want to check your incoming email with Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

What The Bat! can do when a virus is detected:

The following menu allows you to configure settings for response to detected viruses:

  1. To cure the infection
    The antivirus software will attempt to clean a messages information objects.
  2. To remove infected parts
    Infected objects are deleted.
  3. To re-send the message (e-mail) to yourself
    In the Inbox, the infected e-mail will be bypassed by an anti-virus check so that it can be put through more filters. This process is necessary in case a user wants to "gather" all the viruses present, for example to later forward to the anti-virus center.
  4. To delete the message
    When this option is used the entire infected e-mail message together with any attachments will be deleted. Typically this option is more preferable than to only delete the infected part or parts. As a rule e-mails with attached viruses do not contain any valuable information.
  5. To move the infected message to "Quarantine"
    This is the best response to new viruses. The message containing the virus is sent to a special "Quarantine" folder. The Bat! will create this folder if necessary. You can always go through this folder and decide what to do with the contents - send them to the antivirus center, inform the senders, or just delete them.
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus puts not only the infected emails and attachments into quarantine, but also any email messages that do not contain viruses, but which were created as a result of the virus activity.

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