Success Stories

Hotels, Restaurants

Abba hotels keep their information secure and accessible

With an IT network used by hundreds of staff and guests each day, Abba Hotels’ knew they were exposed to risk and needed a world-class IT security solution that was able to combat any threat. They chose Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security. Its ease of installation and outstanding performance have reduced Abba Hotels’ malware incident levels to virtually zero and significantly cut their TCP as well.


ACMS: "We’re protected and that’s the essential thing"

ACMS is a leading provider of healthcare in the workplace. They have a large, multiplatform infrastructure supporting everything from servers to desktops and mobile devices. With its centralized management, support for mobile policy and frequent updates, Kaspersky Work Space Security and Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Fileservers has proved to be the perfect solution, giving them, in their own words, “Peace in the workplace”.

Media, Press, TV

With Kaspersky Lab’s Business Space Security installed, AntenaGroup's data is now totally secure and fully accessible to users

Antena 3 TV, a leading Spanish broadcaster, needed a world-class IT security solution to protect their performance-critical DALET video streaming service. After evaluating the products available from other leading solutions providers, they chose Kaspersky Business Space Security, as it combines excellent manageability with some of the best detection rates around.


Kaspersky Lab provide effective protection against virus & malware attack for Arqiva’sPolice Mobile Data Solution

Managing the security of the UK police forces’ records and communications is the job of Arqiva, and not surprisingly, they demand the very best in performance and reliability from their software. That is why they chose to roll Kaspersky Mobile Security & Kaspersky Work Space Security out across their entire infrastructure, from servers, to storages and mobile devices.




Bayan Telecommunications - we choose Kaspersky

Bayan Telecommunications needed a comprehensive solution that could cope with a large network running numerous platforms across multiple locations - without compromising on performance. They chose Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security for its centralized management capabilities, unparalleled detection rates and ability to protect remote workers’ devices.


City of Belleville Takes the Threat Out of Public Service

The City of Belleville’s IT department discovered that their existing anti-malware solution was not detecting the latest threats, and upgrading the existing solution meant major disruption to critical services. So they decided to change to Kaspersky Lab for a single solution that covered all of their protection requirements, as well as being easy to deploy, manage and maintain.


Complete provision of antivirus and anti-spam protection to the Rome Biomedical Campus University

The IT staff at Universita Campus Bio-Medico de Roma were fully aware that protecting their hugely diverse infrastructure called for a very comprehensive solution. After careful consideration, they chose Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security for its faultless performance in identifying threats, simple and functional management system and excellent technical support.


Kaspersky Lab & Dong Feng Automobile Co. Ltd. (China)

Dongfeng is a key Chinese automotive manufacturer with an infrastructure comprising thousands of nodes spread right across the country. They need to be certain that the intellectual property and other valuable documentation stored on their network is completely safe from malware and theft, as other solutions providers had failed them previously. So they chose Kaspersky Business Space Security, for its world-class detection capabilities and rapid response times to new threats.


Kaspersky - has given us more than we initialy thought the product can deliver

The Drake International Group lead the field in HR and management consultancy and have offices right around the globe. They needed a solution that was centrally managed and offered complete protection against malware and spam across their entire infrastructure, so they chose Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security for its unbeatable performance and excellent technical support.


Kaspersky is our do all, cover all solution for security

Having suffered losses resulting from IT security issues that their existing security software failed to prevent, Garland ISD needed a comprehensive and effective replacement solution. They chose Kaspersky Enterprise Space Secuity for its multiplatform compatibility, excellent all-round protection and cost effectiveness.


INDOMOBIL goes secure with KOSS

Telecoms provider Indomobil needed to simplify their IT systems management and guard against all types of malware and threats, including data theft, so they chose Kaspersky Open Space Security. With the solution’s powerful management capabilities and excellent technical support, Indomobil completed the entire migration and were fully protected in just 14 days.


City Of Kawartha Lakes Neutralizes Threats to Public Service

The City of Kawartha’s IT department runs a widely distributed network supporting 800-plus end-users. Their existing security solution had caused a major outage of their email system. They turned to Kaspersky Lab for assistance and now use Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security for its improved performance, frequent updates, excellent price and ease of management.


Liverpool City Council, NSW, Australia

Liverpool City Council needed a single, centrally managed IT security solution for their widely distributed network that allowed them to monitor and control anti-malware protection on all their servers and workstations. They chose Kaspersky Total Space Security and now enjoy significantly improved protection, a flexible network management system and reduced costs.


Kaspersky - I feel secure with this software

As a leading credit provider with a widely distributed network, LocalCred needed to be certain that their anti-malware solution would keep their customer records completely secure and their infrastructure impervious to malware attack. They chose Kaspersky Business Space Security for its world-class protection and low total cost of ownership – a decision the company is very glad that they made.


‘Virus-free’ aid for seriously ill children’

As part of their corporate social responsibility program, McDonald’s run the McDonald’s Kinderhilfe Stiftung project, of which communications, and with it communications security, plays a big part. So they chose Kaspersky Total Space Security as it fully protects their entire network infrastructure against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and spam, leaving staff to spend more time with the all-important people, the children and their families.


With Kaspersky Lab’s Business Space Security solutions installed, the group’s data is totally secure and accessible to users

As one of Russia’s leading telecoms providers, MTS knows that maintaining quality of service to their subscribers is paramount. That’s why MTS launched the Mobile Email Service, safe in the knowledge that they could trust Kaspersky Lab’s solutions to protect their subscribers’ devices from malware and spam - and MTS’ reputation for excellence.


NorthStarBank Improves Performance in the Office

North Star Bank’s existing antivirus package was far too resource intensive, but swapping solutions seemed prohibitively expensive until they discovered Kaspersky Lab’s products. They upgraded their entire network for under half the price charged by other providers and now benefit from improved detection rates, reduced overheads and minimal impact on performance.


North York General Hospital - the job is done

North York General Hospital has a diverse, complex and widely distributed infrastructure handling confidential medical records. With the threat of huge penalties and unwelcome media attention that accompanies data leakage and malware attacks, they needed a solution they could rely on. They chose Kaspersky Total Space Security for its easy manageability, wide interoperability and effective performance, so they can focus on patient care, while Kaspersky Lab looks after the rest.


Pakistan International Airlines chose Kaspersky Security

Pakistan International Airlines were seeking a solution that offered high detection rates, excellent response times and intuitive, centralized manageability. So they chose Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway and Kaspersky Work Space Security, as the combination of these two solutions covered all of their needs, and implementation was completed in three months without a hitch.


Excellent protection performance, frequent updates and superb technical support

Pattonair is a global transport concern with a mobile workforce and offices around the globe, so IT security is of paramount importance in keeping their operations running smoothly. Pattonair had had issues with their previous anti-malware solution, but that all changed when they effortlessly rolled out Kaspersky Lab’s solution with its excellent protection performance, frequent updates and superb technical support. Even the staff were impressed!


Peachtree Financial Upgrades its Malware Protection

Peachtree Financial’s existing IT security software wasn’t detecting the latest malware versions and vendor technical support was almost non-existent. So Peachtree turned to Kaspersky Lab and by working closely together to select the right Kaspersky Lab solutions, now benefit from world-class detection rates, excellent technical support and reduced system management costs.


Royal Holloway, University of London

The Royal Holloway University of London needed to protect its distributed and heterogeneous network, including mobile devices, via a single, easily manageable package that offered outstanding performance. They chose Kaspersky Open Space Security based on its excellent value for money, simple deployment and Kaspersky Lab’s reputation for superb technical support.


Kaspersky Lab antivirus products protect Federal Customs Service since 2001

The Russian Federal Customs Service’s staff are experts in their field and wanted an IT security solution that reflected that standard of excellence. They needed total control over all incoming and outgoing data streams, with zero network failures. So they chose Kaspersky Total Space Security for its world-class performance, frequent updates and unbeatable technical support.


RF operational dispatcher hub has become even more reliable

RAO UES has regional offices spanning the entire Russian Federation. Realizing that they needed an integrated IT security solution for the entire company; and having previously fended off a serious network attack using Kaspersky Lab products, there was no question about which company’s solutions to opt for this time. Kaspersky Work Space Security has not only provided RAO UES with excellent protection, but also with the peace of mind that comes with knowing something’s right!

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