About our Partner

StreamShield Networks leads the market in providing clean internet pipes solution to service providers and mobile operators. StreamShield is a Cisco Technology Development Partner and a solution provider to several ISPs including BT Retail. StreamShield's products and technologies enable these companies to offer their customers innovative, revenue-generating clean internet services as well as provide protection to their own infrastructure against content-based threats.

"Antivirus protection is vital to our customers and it was essential to find a solution that we trusted to provide protection not only from current threats but the constant wave of emerging threats. We investigated many solutions before selecting Kaspersky Lab's award-winning antivirus engine which is incorporated into the StreamShield Content Security Gateway (CSG) platform," said Andrew Radley, Director of Product Management, StreamShield Networks.

Integrated technology: Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK


Content Security Gateway


The StreamShield Content Security Gateway (CSG) dramatically raises the performance bar for content security applications. Designed for deployment within high speed service provider and mobile operator networks, the CSG enables clean internet pipe services to be delivered within the provider's infrastructure without the need for desktop software or customer premises equipment.

At the heart of the CSG is the StreamScan silicon-based content scanning engine. StreamScan delivers the high throughput, low latency, low jitter and high number of simultaneous TCP connections needed in service provider applications.

The services offered in the CSG include:

  • Web content filtering
  • Anti-malware
  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-adware
  • Anti-spam

The CSG supports both email and web protocols, and an array of third party URL databases, virus engines and spam detection techniques.