About our Partner

The StillSecure product portfolio contains a complete spectrum of hardware and software solutions for Internet communications, ranging from firewalls to equipment for content filtration and Internet traffic optimization. The StillSecure NSA-MGVP (Managed Gateway Virus Protection) solution is a corporate antivirus product integrating Kaspersky Lab technologies with the StillSecure NSA (Network Security Appliance) system.

"Integrating Kaspersky Anti-Virus into our firewall has provided StillSecure clients with a complete information security solution. The cutting edge technologies provided by Kaspersky Anti-Virus add value to our product. We are sure that the combination of Kaspersky Lab's technology and our Managed Firewall will help us strengthen our position in the security technology market", said Rory Case, a network security engineer at StillSecure.

Integrated technology: Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK