About our Partner

Ozono Security is the Network Security Division of NEXT Engineering, a Spanish R&D firm specializing in embedded systems development.

The company offers the Perimeter Shield appliance which integrates antivirus, antispam and content filtering, provides total network protection from a single point and simplifies network administration. Perimeter Shield includes embedded Kaspersky Anti-Virus to counteract virus threats penetrating via the Internet.

“We chose Kaspersky Anti-Virus technology to be at the core of the perimeter shield appliance because of Kaspersky Lab's proven reliability and efficiency. With Kaspersky Lab's advanced protection that detects all types of existing and emerging malware.,Perimeter Shield is the choice for companies that want to be one step ahead of Internet threats,” said Jose Robla, Senior R&D Technician at OZONO Security.

Integrated technology: Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK



  • Real time Perimeter Defense
    Perimeter Shield is an intelligent solution that scans all the data traffic coming from an external network, looking for viruses in real time.
  • Anti-Spam
    Perimeter Shield
    is the transparent solution to the Spam problem. It can effectively separate your important mails from the non-desired ones, and let you to focus on more important tasks. Be more productive with Perimeter Shield Spam filtering.
  • Content filtering
    Internet access is a double edged sword. It can generate value when properly used but can also contribute to the problem of low productivity. Perimeter Shield allows you to quickly and easily manage the way in which your employees use the Internet through the use of Content filtering.
  • Scalability and Performance
    Perimeter Shield
    is a completely flexible system, it adapts to any enterprise environment, its optimized hardware and broad set of models, make its ideal either for SMEs or big corporations. Starting from a single machine, we can increment the analysis capabilities adding one or more machines. Cluster deployment supported for balancing load.
  • Dynamic database to protect against threats Perimeter Shield updates its virus signatures each hour to ensure 100% protection against all kinds of threats. These signatures are maintained by Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky is broadly recognised in the market as the company with best response times against non-identified threats.
  • Easy deployment and manageability
    Perimeter Shield
    is extremely easy to deploy and manage. It works as a bridge interface which makes its deployment as a new network element completely transparent. The Perimeter Shield administration panel is made available via Web Interface and its system of menus and windows is highly intuitive and simple to use.