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Partner Since : 07.2006

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Entensys is an international security software vendor and a developer of several award-winning Internet connection sharing and firewall products. Entensys’ products solve complex security concerns by continually addressing new security threats, as well as increase information protection and ensure corporate IT infrastructure reliability.

Description of Partner Solutions

Kaspersky Labs was the first vendor to partner with Entensys to provide this type of security software. Over a decade of Kaspersky’s expertise ensures rapid responses to new risks, providing users with virus removal tools and software to proactively combat threats. The Kaspersky Labs’ Virus Lab has one of the largest collections of virus definitions in the world, with over 200,000 definitions and counting. Implemented in the core of UserGate, it works as a filter for all data transferred through all major Internet protocols. It monitors all Internet traffic, selects potentially threatening objects, and analyzes them for viruses and spyware.

Partner Quotes

As you know we have been into providing Information Technology Consulting, Planning & Implementation Solutions specially to Corporate Sections. I think we are attached with Entensys since last 6-8 months and provided Internet Proxy Solution to some of our Esteemed Corporate Customers. The products seems to be very much up to the mark and worth the price also. The best thing our team like is the Transparant Proxy Feature, the Statistics Module & URL Access Tracks available there in as well as the in time After Sale Support provided by Support team at Entensys. We wish all the best and good wishes to all the people there at Entensys.

Deepak Chandrayan
Visit us: www.wi-fisolutions.net

UserGate Proxy Server is one of the best solutions that’s I dialed with. In brief I can say : UserGate Proxy Server is : effective , reliable , easy to use even for non expert , best solution with best price.

Eng. Jalal Albirakdar,
Technical Manager, Intelligent Solutions Center

UserGate Proxy is so easy to setup and manage - and also the features will suit us perfectly!

Vesa Sohlberg,
Manager, Softa SuperStore Finland Oy

Integrated technology: Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK