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Digital Systems



Digital Systems s.r.o. is a Slovak company which focuses on providing a broad range of services in consulting, analysis, information systems and technologies, with special emphasis placed on information security and data leak prevention. CPatrol is Digital Systems’ server-based e-mail anti-malware solution providing deep content scanning and analysis functionality with extremely manageable and easy to use interface. It was developed with low resource requirements and high performance in mind. CPatrol also supports platform-independent deployment.

“We were looking into the possibilities of expanding the functionality of CPatrol”, says Richard Marko, CEO of Digital Systems. “We wanted to use a number of antivirus engines that could be run simultaneously, so that the customers using our solution might avoid a homogeneous protection environment. Our requirements included fast performance, quality of protection, ease of integration, feature-rich SDK, and of course, customers’ trust. Kaspersky was first among the candidates that met our criteria.”

Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK for Linux is used as an optional anti-virus engine used to expand the protection level provided by CPatrol, making this Kaspersky Lab’s first technology alliance in Slovakia.

Benefits of CPatrol for SMTP:

  • Completely free for small businesses
  • Developed using years-long experience from security projects in banks and other financial institutions
  • Powerful filtering of incoming, outgoing or internal email based on user-defined policy rules. Granular policy configuration – define your policy based on user needs, from global company level to individual user. Not just policy setting, but total email workflow management.
  • Recursive disassembly of attachments to enable filtering of compound attachments such as various compressed archives and Microsoft Office documents.
  • Anti-virus scanning of all content (including content of compound attachments) by using a number of top grade anti-virus scanners.
  • Support for over 60 file formats defined in 11 groups (videos, documents, presentations etc.)
  • Spam filtering by using a powerful ISP-grade antispam engine
  • Logs and stops outgoing sensitive documents that could compromise or harm your company based on user-defined policy.
  • Easy and secure server management with Client running under Windows XP/ Vista/ Win7/ Server 2003/ Server 2008 and Linux operating systems.