About our Partner

Blue Coat, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, helps organizations make the web safe and productive for business. Blue Coat proxy appliances provide visibility and control of web communications to protect against risks from spyware, web viruses, inappropriate Internet surfing, instant messaging (IM), video streaming, and peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing – while actually improving web performance.

Kaspersky Lab's award-winning antivirus engine that is highly effective in addressing spyware is supported on Blue Coat's ProxyAV ICAP gateway appliance.

“Inefficiencies inherent in the way web technologies interact often require organizations to sacrifice either security or performance, depending upon the level of control they apply to Internet traffic. Proxies drastically change that equation by allowing organizations to exert greater control and ensure tighter security, all while actually improving performance. The addition of Kaspersky Lab's technology and its delivery on proxy provides customers with tremendously strong protection against viruses, spyware and other rogue programs, without forcing them to take a hit to performance,” said Steve Mullaney, Vice President of Marketing, Blue Coat Systems.

Learn more about joint solutions by downloading the following leaflet:

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doc_pdf Success Story: Absolut Bank chooses Blue Coat and Kaspersky Lab solution (158 KB)

Integrated technology: Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK




Blue Coat AV appliances enable organizations to detect viruses, worms, spyware and trojans at the Web gateway, with enterprise performance, manageability, and a choice of AV engines.

Blue Coat’s efficient scan-once-serve-many-times architecture scans up to 285 Mbps traffic with less than 10 milliseconds latency. Powerful proxy policy can prevent the most unknown spyware as well. Layered protection on HTTP, FTP and HTTPS protocols provides defense in depth to stop zero-day attacks and prevent rootkit malware from reaching desktops.

Blue Coat AV combined (as an ICAP+ client) with Blue Coat SG provides scalability for virus scanning, plus complete visibility and control of enterprise Web communications.

Blue Coat offers two lines of appliances.

  • The Blue Coat AV510 line is designed for small to medium sized sites, and optimized to integrate with the Blue Coat SG810 line.
  • The Blue Coat AV810 line is designed for high volume Web gateways and enterprise needs.

SG Appliances


The Blue Coat SG family of appliances delivers a scalable proxy platform architecture to secure Web communications and accelerate delivery of business applications.

Based on a custom, object-based operating system with integrated caching and compression, these proxy appliances leverage existing authentication systems to enable flexible policy enforcement on content, users, applications and protocols. Blue Coat SG appliances are typically deployed:

  1. At the Internet gateway (forward proxy) to protect internal users and networks from spyware, phishing attacks, inappropriate web usage, and potential legal liability – while actually improving web performance.
  2. At the edge of an organization’s application delivery infrastructure for controlled acceleration of key business applications, including file services, rich media applications, and e-mail.
  3. In the DMZ (reverse proxy) to securely isolate web servers from direct Internet access and accelerate web-based applications and public websites.