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26 Dec   Comparative Tests

Reliability and Quality

Internet magazine Ogledalo renders its verdict for Kaspersky Anti-Virus

18 Dec   Comparative Tests

The Best In Denmark

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal wins an award from the Danish magazine "Alt om Net & PC PRO" The popular Danish computer magazine "Alt om NET & PC PRO", devoted part of its 12th and final edition of the year to the problem of defending computers against viruses. The magazine tested the market's...

11 Dec   Business News

Case Study: Reddish Vale Technology College Chooses Kaspersky® Anti-Virus for Comprehensive Virus Protection

Customer Profile Reddish Vale ( is a UK-based, comprehensive Technology College, educating over 1450 pupils in the 11-16-age range. The College is heavily focused on IT and in 2001 reached the third phase of its Technology College status, making it one of the few...

06 Dec   Product News

Kaspersky® Anti-Hacker - A New Weapon In The War Against Hackers

Kaspersky Labs broadens its line of information security products. Kaspersky Labs, an international data-security software developer, announces the release of the fully functional personal firewall - Kaspersky® Anti-Hacker, designed to ensure the reliable defense of home computers against...

06 Dec   Virus News

Case Study: The Mill Equips Its Network with Kaspersky® Anti-Virus

Customer profile The Mill ( is an international London-based company established in 1990. The Mill brand is now synonymous with high quality award-winning visual effects for commercials and films. The group provides a unique range of technology-based creative facilities to service...

03 Dec   Virus News

The Virus Top Twenty for November 2002

Kaspersky Labs presents the Virus Top 20 for the month of November. The percentage shown represents the percentage of registered incidences. position virus percentage by occurrence I-Worm.Lentin 27,7 I-Worm.Klez.h 23,4 I-Worm.Tanatos 3,2 Macro.Word97.Thus 2,5 I-Worm.Bridex 1,4 Worm.Win32.Opasoft 1,3 Macro.Word97.Marker 1,3 I-Worm.Hybris 1,3 Macro.Word.Cap 1,0 Win32.Elkern 0,8 Macro.Word97.VMPC 0,8 Macro.Word97.Flop 0,8 Win32.FunLove 0,6 I-Worm.Magistr 0,6 Macro.Word97.Saver 0,6 Win95.Spaces 0,6 Macro.Word97.TheSecond 0,5 I-Worm.KakWorm 0,5 I-Worm.Winevar 0,5 Macro.Word97.Claud 0,5

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