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  • Application Control, Device Control & Web Control
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Kaspersky Endpoint Security
for Business (Select)

Today, businesses need to implement security that protects their internal IT infrastructure and also extends outside traditional perimeters – so that mobile workers can access corporate systems and data without introducing new security risks. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT combines Kaspersky Lab’s award-winning anti-malware technologies, plus file server security and easy-to-configure endpoint controls – all to protect your internal IT infrastructure – plus rigorous mobile security and MDM that enables secure access to your corporate systems.

Protecting your data and your business reputation
By combining signature-based, proactive and cloud-assisted anti-malware technologies – plus Kaspersky’s two-way firewall and special Network Attack Blocker features – Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT delivers multi-layer protection against the latest threats.

Protecting shared storage
The presence of just one infected file – on any of your servers – could adversely affect all computers on your network. That’s why Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT provides anti-malware protection for file servers running Microsoft Windows or Linux.

Securing mobile access and Bring Your Own Device initiatives
Whenever a business enables mobile access to its corporate systems and data, new security risks can be introduced. That’s why Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT includes powerful security for mobile devices. With Kaspersky mobile security technologies, your business can benefit from the cost and efficiency gains offered by BYOD initiatives – while Kaspersky protects you against viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, bots and many other threats.

Simplifying mobile device management (MDM)
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT includes both mobile security and flexible MDM that gives you control over the security that’s running on your mobile endpoints and also helps you to manage how individual devices are allowed to access the corporate network. When a new mobile device appears on your corporate network, Kaspersky technologies ensure it’s visible to you – so you can manage the device’s security and control how it accesses the network.

Helping you to enforce your security policies
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT includes powerful controls that help you to ensure your corporate security policies are applied across your business. Flexible Application Controls, Device Controls and Web Controls make it easy for administrators to manage how applications run, control the use of removable devices and manage web usage – so your systems and data benefit from additional levels of protection.

Delivering security immediately
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT is preconfigured so that it can start protecting your systems and data immediately after you install it. In addition, because Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT includes Kaspersky Security Center – Kaspersky’s centralised management console – you can rapidly adjust the configuration of almost all Kaspersky security applications that your business is running.

Adding more security when you need it
Kaspersky also offers a range of Targeted Security Solutions that let you add further protection technologies. There are Targeted Security Solutions for storage, mail, Internet gateways, virtualisation and collaboration – plus a far-reaching systems management solution.

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