Security Experts

Our international team of security experts and developers work round-the-clock gathering information, evaluating new threats and designing new utilities for in-house and customer use. Over a decade of expertise ensures rapid responses to new threats, providing users with virus removal tools and information to pro-actively combat threats.

Leading Analysts

  • Eugene Kaspersky

    Eugene Kaspersky

    Chairman and CEO

    Eugene began his career in cybersecurity accidentally when his computer became infected with the ‘Cascade’ virus in 1989. Eugene’s specialized education in cryptography helped him analyze the encrypted virus, understand its behavior, and develop a removal tool for it. After successfully removing the virus, Eugene’s curiosity and passion for computer technology drove him to start analyzing more malicious programs and developing disinfection modules for them. This exotic collection of antivirus modules would eventually become the foundation for Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus database. Today the database is one of the most comprehensive and complete collections in cybersecurity, protecting systems from more than 100 million malicious programs.

    In 1990 Eugene started gathering a team of like-minded enthusiast researchers to create the AVP Toolkit Pro antivirus program, which was recognized by the University of Hamburg in 1994 as the most effective antivirus software in the world.

    Eugene and his colleagues then decided to establish their own independent company. In 1997 Kaspersky Lab was founded, with Eugene heading the company’s antivirus research. In 2007 he was named Kaspersky Lab’s CEO.

    Today Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately-held vendor of endpoint protection, operating in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. The company employs approximately 3,000 professionals and IT security specialists in dedicated regional offices across 30 countries and its cybersecurity technologies protect over 400 million users worldwide.

    Eugene has earned a number of international awards for his technological, scientific and entrepreneurial achievements. He was voted the World’s Most Powerful Security Exec by SYS-CON Media in 2011, awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Plymouth University in 2012, and named one of Foreign Policy Magazine’s 2012 Top Global Thinkers for his contribution to IT security awareness on a global scale.

Global Research and Analysis Team

Established in 2008, the Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) is an integral part of Kaspersky Lab’s R&D department, and leads the company’s anti-malware research and innovation. The team’s security analysts are based around the world, each contributing a unique set of skills and expertise to the research and design of solutions to combat increasingly complex malware code. Today, GReAT comprises 40 experts working in Europe, Russia, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East. Costin G. Raiu has led the team since 2010.

GReAT undertakes incident response for the company’s customers during malware-related incidents. Other key departmental responsibilities include thought leadership in threat intelligence, driving and executing initiatives focused on improving malware detection accuracy rates and efficiency, and supporting key customer accounts with malware intelligence expertise.

  • Costin Raiu

    Costin Raiu

    Director, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Costin specializes in analyzing advanced persistent threats and high-level malware attacks. He leads the Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky that researched the inner workings of Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, Gauss and more recently, Red October, MiniDuke and the Mask. Costin’s work includes analyzing malicious websites, exploits and online banking malware.

    Costin has over 19 years of experience in anti-virus technologies and security research. He is a member of the Virus Bulletin Technical Advisory Board, a member of the Computer AntiVirus Researchers’ Organization (CARO) and a reporter for the Wildlist Organization International. Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab, Costin worked for GeCad as Chief Researcher and as a Data Security Expert with the RAV antivirus developers group.

    Costin joined Kaspersky Lab in 2000. Prior to becoming Director of the Global Research & Analysis Team in 2010, Costin held the position of Chief Security Expert, overseeing research efforts in the EEMEA region.

    Some of his hobbies include chess, high precision arithmetic, cryptography, chemistry, photography and the Science Fiction literature.

  • Sergey Novikov

    Sergey Novikov

    Deputy Director, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Sergey joined Kaspersky Lab in 2002 and was appointed Deputy Director for the company’s Global Research & Analysis Team in March 2013. Prior to becoming Deputy Director, Sergey was the Head of the company’s Global Research & Analysis Team in the EEMEA region.

    Sergey is responsible managing the department’s operational activities in addition organizing Kaspersky Lab’s annual Security Analyst Summit. Each year the summit brings the world’s best IT security experts together to collaborate and exchange research alongside international organizations, law enforcement agencies and technology companies.

    Sergey has a degree in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering and holds a postgraduate degree in IT Security. He is based in Moscow.

  • Ryan Naraine

    Ryan Naraine

    Director, Global Research & Analysis Team, US

    Ryan joined the company in 2008 as a Security Evangelist. In March 2013, he was appointed the Head of Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research & Analysis Team in the United States.

    Ryan has extensive experience in computer security user education. He specializes in operating system and third-party application vulnerabilities, zero-day attacks, social engineering and social networking threats, and issues related to responsible vulnerability disclosure.

    He has monitored security and hacker attack trends for over 10 years, writing for eWEEK magazine and ZDNet‘s Zero Day blog. Before joining Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research & Analysis Team, Ryan created and managed, Kaspersky Lab‘s security news service.

  • Dmitry Bestuzhev

    Dmitry Bestuzhev

    Director, Global Research & Analysis Team, Latin America

    Dmitry Bestuzhev is Director of Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team in Latin America, where he oversees anti-malware research by the company’s experts in the region.

    Dmitry joined Kaspersky Lab in 2007 as a Malware Analyst monitoring the local threat landscape and providing preliminary analyses. By 2008 he had become Senior Regional Researcher for the Latin American region and he was appointed to his current role in 2010.

    In addition to overseeing anti-malware research and analysis work, Dmitry produces reports and forecasts for the region and is frequently sought out by international media and organizations for his expert commentary on IT security. Dmitry’s wide field of expertise covers everything from online fraud, through to the use of social networking sites by cybercriminals. Dmitry is also an expert in corporate security, cyber espionage and complex targeted attacks and participates in various educational initiatives throughout the Americas.

    Dmitry has more than 16 years of experience in IT security across a wide variety of roles and is fluent in English, Spanish and Russian.

  • Marco Preuss

    Marco Preuss

    Director, Global Research & Analysis Team, Europe

    Marco was appointed Director of Europe for the company’s Global Research & Analysis Team in March 2013. Prior to becoming Director of Europe, Marco served as the Head of Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research & Analysis Team in Germany.

    Marco brings more than 13 years of IT security experience to his role and is responsible for managing the threat landscape in Europe while specializing in web and social networking threats and Apple OS security. Apart from research, Marco is responsible for maintaining close contact with independent testers and security partners.

    Marco began his career with Kaspersky Lab back in 2004 as a Technical Consultant, providing expert knowledge on Linux and Unix-based systems. He has also been involved in corporate sales management, before moving on to become the technical contact for the OEM department, supporting customized solutions. Marco has participated in the development of web-based services and systems for the Marketing and Retail Sales departments and has worked extensively with the Company’s product design teams. Marco joined the research team as a Virus Analyst in 2009.

  • Michael Molsner

    Michael Molsner

    Director, Global Research & Analysis Team, Japan

    Michael joined Kaspersky Lab in 2004 and currently leads the IT Security Lab of the Japanese branch of the company. He is responsible for monitoring the local threat landscape and also specialized in Anti-Phishing activities, including the discovery of accompanying data like exploits, backdoors, bots, malware and phish-kits. Before joining Kaspersky Lab, he worked in different roles in the IT field since 1997.

  • Aleks Gostev

    Aleks Gostev

    Chief Security Expert, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Aleks is a unique, multi-disciplinary infosecurity expert and one of the world's most prominent security professionals. He has been with Kaspersky Lab since 2002, leading its anti-malware research group from 2005, which specialises in analyzing mobile threats. In 2008, he founded the Global Research & Analysis Team, leading the unit before moving to his current position of Chief Security Expert in 2010.

    His responsibilities include deep investigation of new malware, analyzing the most complicated aspect of information security - cyber-espionage and highly targeted attacks, advanced threat actors and attacks, cyber-warfare and cyber-weapons. In addition to complex malware issues, Aleks focuses on global cybercrime issues, trends and predictions, and the field of corporate threats. His research and analytical articles are published both on dedicated IT sites and in the mass media. He is also editor-in-chief of

    Before joining Kaspersky Lab, Aleks held various IT and security related positions in both public and private organizations. He became involved in anti-malware research in 1996 when he founded an anti-virus expertise center in the Komi Republic - a large territory in the North-West of Russia. Since 1998 he's been Project Coordinator of Wildlist Russia - an initiative aimed at collecting and analyzing data about malware outbreaks in the Russian Federation.

  • David Emm

    David Emm

    Principal Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    David has been with Kaspersky Lab since 2004. In his role as Senior Technology Consultant David presented information on malware and other IT threats at exhibitions and events, and provided comment to both broadcast and print media. He also provided information on Kaspersky Lab products and technologies. He was promoted to his current position in 2008. David has a particular interest in the malware ecosystem, ID theft, and Kaspersky Lab technologies, and he conceived and developed the company’s Malware Defence Workshop.

    David has worked in the anti-virus industry since 1990 in a variety of roles. Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab David worked as Systems Engineer, Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager at McAfee; and before that as Technical Support Manager and Senior Technology Consultant at Dr Solomon’s Software.

  • Nicolas Brulez

    Nicolas Brulez

    Principal Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Nicolas joined Kaspersky Lab as a senior malware researcher in 2009. His responsibilities include analyzing malware and carrying out security research.

    Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab, Nicolas worked as a senior virus researcher for Websense Security Labs and Digital River/Silicon Realms. He is also known for his work on the Software Passport/Armadillo protection system. Here, he served as head of software security and was in charge of the anti-reverse engineering techniques used in the system.

    Over the last 15 years, Nicolas has authored numerous articles and papers on reverse engineering. He is a regular speaker at computer engineering schools and international security conferences.

  • Vicente Diaz

    Vicente Diaz

    Principal Security Researcher, Global Research and Analysis Team

    Vicente joined Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research & Analysis Team in November 2010. He specializes in research on malware and fraud in the European region, including banking Trojans, social networking threats, cybercriminal ‘partner networks’ and mobile malware, as well as leading technical research projects and providing expert customer support.

    Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab, Vicente worked as a Software Developer for IT&C and Actaris, after which he took up a research position at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). He then entered the field of IT security, working for a number of leading companies for more than 5 years. Vicente is the author of several software tools and is active on the conference circuit, both as an organizer and speaker. He is a member of the advisory board of Source Conference and a cofounder of Edge –Security, a security group dedicated to research and organizing non-profit events such as FIST conferences.

  • Kurt Baumgartner

    Kurt Baumgartner

    Principal Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Kurt joined Kaspersky Lab in 2010 and is responsible for monitoring the malware landscape across the Americas and enhancing Kaspersky Lab technologies and solutions.

    Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab, Kurt was VP of Behavioral Threat Research at Symantec – PC Tools ThreatFire. Originally joining ThreatFire as a start-up in 2005 as their sole researcher, he built up and led their research efforts through two successful acquisitions. Before Symantec, Kurt was Chief Threat Officer at Novatix and a Threat Analyst at SonicWALL. He is an active blogger and regularly presents on malware issues at international conferences and speaks to interested media.

  • Sergey Golovanov

    Sergey Golovanov

    Principal Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Sergey started his career at Kaspersky Lab in 2005, joining the company as a Virus Analyst before going on to become Head of the Non-Intel Research Group. He was appointed malware expert for Kaspersky Lab’s Russian Research Center in 2009 and has since risen to the position of Principal Security researcher, conducting research into banking threats and cyber-espionage. Sergey’s areas of expertise also include embedded system security, cybercriminal 'partner networks', non-Windows threats (Mac OS, Unix OS), botnets and other aspects of cybersecurity.

    Sergey is currently a PhD student and in his spare time he teaches a course on securing computer networks. Prior to joining the Company, he worked at the Moscow Centre for Scientific and Technical Information.

  • Vitaly Kamluk

    Vitaly Kamluk

    Principal Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Vitaly has been involved in malware research at Kaspersky Lab since 2005. In 2008, he was appointed Senior Antivirus Expert, before going on to become Director of the EEMEA Research Center in 2009. He spent a year in Japan focusing on major local threats affecting the region. In 2014 he was seconded to the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore, where he works in the INTERPOL Digital Crime Center specializing in malware reverse engineering, digital forensics and cybercrime investigation. He remains a Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

    Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab, Vitaly worked as a software developer and system administrator. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Applied Math and Computer Science at the Belarussian State University.

  • Igor Soumenkov

    Igor Soumenkov

    Principal Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Igor joined Kaspersky Lab in 2001 as a virus analyst. In 2009 he was appointed to the position of Infrastructure Group Manager, where he led the development of our infrastructure for processing and detection of spam messages in the Anti-Spam division. In 2011 Igor joined the Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab as a malware expert. Then in 2013 he became the Principal Security Researcher. Igor specializes in investigating malware campaigns and reverse engineering advanced malware.

    Igor is a graduate of the Moscow State Institute of Radio-engineering, Electronics and Automation. He holds a Masters in Computing Machines, Complexes, Systems and Networks.

  • Christian Funk

    Christian Funk

    Head of Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT), DACH

    Christian joined Kaspersky Lab in 2007 and joined the Global Research and Analysis Team as Junior Malware Analyst the following year. He graduated from the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences in Germany in 2008 with a degree in Computer Technologies, specializing in information management. In 2014 he was appointed Head of GReAT, DACH, in order to lead the German division of the Global Research and Analysis Team.

    Christian specializes in malware trends, mobile threats, and devices in the field of IoT, in which he researches vulnerabilities and privacy related issues. He's also passionate about monitoring and analysing gaming related threats. He's a regular speaker at IT exhibitions and security events around the globe.

  • David Jacoby

    David Jacoby

    Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    David joined Kaspersky Lab in 2010 as a senior security researcher for the Nordic and BeNeLux regions. He is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and is part of the Global Research and Analysis Team where his principle responsibility covers research and technical PR activities in the same regions.

    David has about 15 years’ experience as an IT security professional. His current tasks often include vulnerability and security research. He has a background in performing penetration tests and security audits mostly on Unix and Linux platforms. He is also passionate about securing web applications. His research mainly focuses on improving public awareness of the threats we face. He is also a well-known speaker at the top security conferences around the world where he talks about current and pressing threats, and how we can improve awareness and fight cybercrime.

    Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab, David worked in vulnerability research and vulnerability management. He held the role of senior security researcher, advisor and consultant at TrueSec AB. Before joining TrueSec AB in 2008, David worked for seven years at Outpost24, starting out as chief hacker and rising to vice president for customer experience by the time he left the company.

  • Dirk Kollberg

    Dirk Kollberg

    Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Dirk Kollberg is a senior virus analyst at Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab. He joined the company in September 2013. From his base in Hamburg, Germany, he monitors the threat landscape, analyzes structures and the underground economy. He is a regular speaker at conferences and a contact for TV, print and online media.

    Dirk has come as an outsider in 1999 in the IT security industry. He is an electric engineer, has been working as software developer and 3D artist before he joined IT security. After eleven years, he left McAfee as Malware Research Lead and spent three years at Sophos as Senior Threat Researcher. As a researcher, he analyzed viruses, worms and Trojans, created signatures for detection and removal, examined botnets, specialized in the field of threat intelligence with detailed analysis about the threats and develops new approaches for protection.

  • Fabio Assolini

    Fabio Assolini

    Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Fabio Assolini joined Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT), which boasts the industry’s top analysts, in July 2009 to primarily focus on one of the most dynamic countries in Latin America: Brazil. Fabio’s responsibilities include the analysis of virus, cyber attacks, banking trojans and other types of malware that originate from Brazil and the rest of the region. He particularly focuses on the research and detection of banking trojans. In November 2012, he was promoted to senior security researcher.

    Since 2006, Fabio has been a voluntary member of the security community Linha Defensiva (Defensive Line), a non-government organization. In addition, he is a member of the Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals (ASAP), a network of NGOs, professionals and individuals dedicated to providing security related support to end users. Fabio has more than five years of experience as a malware analyst and possesses a university degree in Computer Science.

  • Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade

    Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade

    Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Juan Andrés joined Kaspersky Lab in 2014 as a Senior Security Researcher. His experience and research interests span Government Surveillance, Intelligence Analysis, Cyber Warfare and Cyber Espionage. Juan Andrés’s previous research focused on placing intricate philosophical systems and logic in a dialogue with specialized and often inaccessible topics in Computer Science and Information Security.

    Before joining Kaspersky Lab, Juan Andrés was working as Senior Cybersecurity and National Security Advisor to the President of Ecuador.

    Juan Andrés graduated with an M.Litt. in Philosophical Logic from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. He also holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science from Shimer College and was a visiting scholar at the University of Oxford.

  • Stefan Tanase

    Stefan Tanase

    Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Stefan joined Kaspersky Lab in 2007 as a regional researcher in Romania, where he was responsible for monitoring the local threat landscape. Two years later Stefan joined the Global Research & Analysis Team as a Senior Security Researcher. He specializes in advanced persistent threats and cyber espionage operations, the cybercrime ecosystem, threats targeting financial systems and global security trends in general.

    Other areas of interest include:

    • Web security and infected websites
    • Security issues and privacy implications of social networking
    • Deepweb networks such as Tor
    • The evolution of cryptocurrencies

    Stefan is involved in several innovative research projects, ranging from malware databases and honeypots to web crawlers. He is a regular speaker at major international security conferences, including SAS, Virus Bulletin, RSA, IDC or AVAR.

  • Ghareeb Saad Muhammad

    Ghareeb Saad Muhammad

    Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Ghareeb joined Kaspersky Lab in May 2013. As a Senior Security Researcher he is responsible for studying and analyzing different kinds of threats and malware, as well as providing knowledge support in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

    Ghareeb is a GREM Certified malware analyst with more than five years of experience in the field of cyber security. He started as a security incident handler in the Egyptian Computer Emergency Response Team (EGCERT) where for two years he handled different kind of security incidents and attacks on high profile governmental organizations. He also participated in creating and designing the EGCERT Honey-net project. He was then chosen to establish the EGCERT Malware analysis and reverse engineering team, where he worked for 3 years on analyzing different kinds of malware and advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks.

    Ghareeb holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Ain-Shams University and a diploma in Cyber Security from the Egyptian Information Technology Institute (ITI).

  • Mohammad Amin Hasbini

    Mohammad Amin Hasbini

    Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Mohammad Amin Hasbini joined Kaspersky Lab in 2013 as a Senior Security Researcher in the Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT). Amin is responsible for Kaspersky¹s expert positioning in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, as well as research development and knowledge support of the regional office in Dubai, UAE.

    Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab, Amin was a Senior Security and Privacy Consultant at Deloitte & Touche ME and before that a Security Engineer at DataConsult Lebanon. Amin lead many infrastructure, security consulting and penetration testing projects for government entities, banks and service providers especially in the Middle East and the GCC region. He is also a trainer for information security courses, like Forensics and malware analysis, EC-Council Ethical Hacker and Cisco CCNA Security.

    Amin is specialised in Cyber Threat Intelligence and targeted attacks mitigation. He has a Professional Master degree in Security of Networks and Systems (Saint-Joseph University, Lebanon) and working on his PHD at Brunel University London, he also has different certifications from GIAC, EC-COUNCIL, CISCO, EMC RSA, Harvard Business Publishing and British Standards Institution.

  • Sergey Lozhkin

    Sergey Lozhkin

    Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Sergey joined Kaspersky Lab in 2012. In his current role he conducts research in the following areas: cyber espionage, static and dynamic analysis of malware, Undernet networks such as TOR, social engineering, secure data transfers, exploit analysis, anonymous networks, and cybercrime in general.

    Prior to joining Kaspersky Lab Sergey worked at several companies as a penetration test specialist and a virus analyst. He also investigated cybercrimes for the Russian Interior Ministry after graduating from the Omsk Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  • Marta Janus

    Marta Janus

    Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Marta started working for Kaspersky Lab in 2009 as a threat analyst for the local office in Poland and joined the Global Research and Analysis Team in the beginning of 2010. For almost 3 years she was based in Czestochowa and was responsible for monitoring the local threat landscape. Currently she is based in Oxford, UK, where she works as a Malware Researcher. She mostly focuses mostly on reverse-engineering and in-depth analysis of contemporary advanced threats. Her area of interest includes malware for non-Windows systems and embedded platforms, including Linux/Unix malware and malware for network devices.

    Marta graduated in Computer Science from the Czestochowa University of Technology, she also holds a master’s degree in Archaeology.

  • Santiago Pontiroli

    Santiago Pontiroli

    Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Santiago Pontiroli joined Kaspersky Lab as Security Researcher in October 2013. His principal responsibilities include the analysis and investigation of security threats in the South of Latin America (SOLA), web application security, the development of automatization tools stemming from threat intelligence studies and the reverse engineering of programs with malicious code.

    Before joining Kaspersky Lab, Santiago served as Development Leader at Accenture for projects such as Site Concept Studio and Avanade Connected Methods, where he supervised all technical aspects of his teams, developed and presented demos on the different platforms and offered technical support to the sales team. Prior to Accenture, Santiago worked as a consultant for several companies, providing support on access control software, system and network administration, server hardening and web application security.

    Santiago holds degrees in Systems Engineering and Systems Analysis from the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional F.R.L.P in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His key areas of expertise include bitcoin-related research and the analysis of ransomware.

  • Stefan Ortloff

    Stefan Ortloff

    Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

    Stefan joined Kaspersky Lab in 2007 as an intern. In 2010 he was appointed to the position of Virus Analyst in the Global Research & Analysis Team. Stefan specializes in forensics, mobile malware and analysis of botnets. He brings more than 12 years of experience in the IT industry from different lines of business and as a freelancer.

Global Product and Technology Intelligence

  • Vladimir Zapolyansky

    Vladimir Zapolyansky

    VP, Business and Product Marketing

    Vladimir is responsible for differentiating Kaspersky Lab from its competitors through story creation, positioning and message development, and for the creation, delivery and deployment of content. He is also tasked with training, launch management and developing the B2C/B2B marketing strategies in close cooperation with sales, presales and business development teams.

    Vladimir joined Kaspersky Lab in April 2009 as Head of Independent Software Vendor Relationships, a role which saw him take charge of the company’s whitelisting global technology partnership programs and communications with third-party software vendors. He was later made responsible for the positioning of Kaspersky Lab’s Whitelist and Application Control technologies and related independent testing. In 2012 Vladimir became Deputy Director of the Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) overseeing the creation of global technology messaging and technology positioning.

    Prior to his current role, Vladimir led the Global Product & Technology Intelligence unit where he was responsible for creating and differentiating product and technology messaging, developing product and technology training and certification programs, and maintaining the company’s position as a technological leader.

    Vladimir has a wealth of experience in the IT sector. He began his career at Siemens in 2001 specializing in large, new-generation VOIP soft-switches, media gateways and IP backbones. He then worked at Nokia Siemens Networks as Head of the Project Management department where he was in charge of managing regional and global IT projects.

    Vladimir holds an engineering degree from the Moscow State University of Telecommunication and Informatics.

Data, Streaming & Filtering Research

  • Darya Gudkova

    Darya Gudkova

    Head of Content Analysis & Research

    Darya joined Kaspersky Lab in 2006 as a Spam Analyst, before rising to the position of Head of the Spam Analysts Group. In 2010, Darya became Head of Content Analysis & Research and is responsible for providing information regarding the current spam landscape, as well as future trends in spam and mass mailing techniques. She also writes regular reports on spam evolution.

    Darya is a graduate of the Moscow State Linguistic University where she specialized in theoretical and applied linguistics.

Anti-Malware Research

  • Vyacheslav Zakorzhevsky

    Vyacheslav Zakorzhevsky

    Head of Anti-Malware Team, Kaspersky Lab

    Vyacheslav joined Kaspersky Lab in 2007 as a virus analyst. He later rose to become a senior virus analyst then a leading virus analyst in the heuristic detection group, where his work was related to the detection and removal of polymorphic viruses, as well as the detection of packed and protected objects.

    In 2013 Vyacheslav was appointed head of the vulnerability research group, with his primary focus on studying exploits and developing better protection against them. In 2014, he became head of Kaspersky Lab’s anti-malware team. This role gives him responsibility for all issues relating to detection quality and false-positive rates.

    Vyacheslav has a Bachelor’s degree from Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology and a Master’s degree from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. He has also earned an MBA in Global Finance and Banking from the Swiss Business School.

  • Mikhail Pavlyushchik

    Mikhail Pavlyushchik

    Security Expert, Anti-Malware Research, USA

    Mikhail rejoined Kaspersky Lab in 2010 as a Security Expert, with a place on the Company’s Scientific Board. It is his second stint at the Company, which he initially joined in 1999 as a virus analyst before rising to the position of senior antivirus research engineer.

    Mikhail left the Company in 2008 to take up the position of Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft where he was responsible for developing a search index platform for use online and by multimedia.

    Mikhail has nearly two decades of experience in IT security. His expertise includes system programming, real-time data processing, multithreaded programming, synchronization, interprocess communication, secure programming techniques, and TCP/IP environments with a focus on computer security. Mikhail has invented several key antivirus technologies which are currently used in Kaspersky Lab’s products. Mikhail is based in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Oleg Zaitsev

    Oleg Zaitsev

    Security Expert

    Oleg has been working for Kaspersky Lab since 2007, when he joined the company as a developer in the Complex Threat Analysis Group. He was promoted to Lead Technical Specialist in November 2008, and is responsible for research into new detection and disinfection technologies, investigating and disinfecting remote systems, and analyzing malicious program behaviour.

    Oleg graduated from Moscow Energy Institute and combines his work with Kaspersky Lab with work at Smolenskenergo, a major Russian energy company.

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