26 Jun   Press Releases, Virus News

1 in 5 phishing attacks target banks and other financial organizations

The data received from Kaspersky Security Network is indirectly confirmed by the banks: according to the results of a global survey conducted in spring 2013 by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab, about 37% of all banks surveyed were affected by phishing attacks at least once over the previous 12 months

20 Jun   Press Releases, Virus News

Kaspersky Lab report: 37.3 million users experienced phishing attacks in the last year

According to the results of Kaspersky Lab’s “The evolution of phishing attacks 2011-2013” survey, the number of Internet users who faced phishing attacks over the last 12 months has grown from 19.9 million to 37.3 million, an increase of 87 %. Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Amazon are among main targets of cybercriminals. The study, which was carried out in June 2013 based on data from the Kaspersky Security Network cloud service, shows that what was once a subset of spam has evolved into a rapidly growing cyberthreat in its own right.

04 Jun   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab Uncovers ‘Operation NetTraveler,’ a Global Cyberespionage Campaign Targeting Government-Affiliated Organizations and Research Institutes

Malicious NetTraveler Toolkit Infects 350 High-Profile Victims for Data Theft and Surveillance

03 Jun   Virus News

Social networks are the most dangerous virtual ‘playground’ for children

Children made 52 million unauthorized attempts to use social networks in the past month

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