21 Dec   Virus News

Oracle Java surpasses Adobe Reader as the most frequently exploited software

According to the recently published Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2012, Oracle Java was the most frequently exploited software by cybercriminals during the year, with Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player ranking in the second and third places, respectively

14 Dec   Virus News

Browser-Based Attacks in 2012: One out of Every Three PCs Targeted While Surfing Online

In 2012 34.7% of Kaspersky Lab’s users were targeted by a web-based attack at least once while browsing the internet

13 Dec   Virus News

IT Security in 2030: A Forward Look at Tomorrow’s Technologically-Driven Society

Magnus Kalkuhl, director of Kaspersky Lab’s European Global Research and Analysis Team, predicts the future of IT will dramatically shift by 2030 as cloud computing, augmented reality, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology evolve into the next generation of information technology

10 Dec   Virus News

2012 by the numbers: Kaspersky Lab now detects 200,000 new malicious programs every day

Kaspersky Lab released its annual Kaspersky Security Bulletin, which provides the overall malware and cyber-threat statistics for 2012

10 Dec   Business News, Virus News

Businesses embracing encryption to protect their most sensitive data

Almost half of companies worldwide have started using encryption technology to protect critical data

05 Dec   Press Releases, Virus News

Kaspersky Lab outlines key security trends in 2012; predicts core threats for 2013

Kaspersky Lab’s experts outlined key security trends of 2012 and presented their views on the core threats of 2013. The most notable predictions for the next year include the continued rise of targeted attacks, cyber-espionage and nation-state cyber-attacks, the evolving role of hacktivism, the development of controversial “legal” surveillance tools and the increase in cybercriminal attacks targeting cloud-based services.

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