26 Nov   Virus News

Data protection and infrastructure security are top priorities for business IT professionals

Among the numerous issues facing any company’s infrastructure security, the most critical are preventing unauthorized infiltration into the corporate network and protecting confidential information

22 Nov   Virus News

Companies Worldwide Lack Awareness of Cyber Threats

Statistics indicate an overall lack of awareness of IT security issues among businesses - even in developed countries. Around 50% of companies globally, and an even greater percentage in the USA are in general unaware of, and don’t take effective measures against, the most pressing cyber threats that exist today

09 Nov   Virus News

The use of personal devices at work presents a threat to corporate security

Due to their expanded functionality, smartphones have become far more than a simple means of communication

08 Nov   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab report: 23% of users are running old or outdated web browsers, creating huge gaps in online security

Research reveals that when a new version of a browser is released, it takes more than a month for most users to make the upgrade

02 Nov   Virus News

Malware targeting Android has a taste for Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich

Analysis of mobile malware for Android OS by Kaspersky Lab experts in Q3 2012 revealed that the most popular targets among cybercriminals were Android versions 2.3.6, or ‘Gingerbread’, and 4.0.4, also known as ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’

01 Nov   Virus News

IT threat evolution in Q3 2012: Microsoft no longer features among the top 10 products with vulnerabilities

In their regular quarterly report the experts at Kaspersky Lab examined the changes to the IT-threat landscape throughout Q3 2012

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