09 Sep   Virus News

Is there any protection against Java exploits?

In the last six months, two million users have been targeted in cyber-attacks using Java exploits

05 Sep   Virus News

First ever case of mobile Trojan spreading via 'alien' botnets

Over the last three months Kaspersky analysts have been investigating how the Obad.a Trojan, a malicious app for Android, is distributed. It transpires that the criminals behind the Trojan have adopted a new technique to spread their malware.

04 Sep   Press Releases, Virus News

Lost forever – 61% of users could not fully restore data damaged by malware

When malware strikes, the impact on data can be disastrous. And to make matters worse, there’s no guarantee of getting that valuable information back. Only 39% were able to retrieve all the data they lost in a malware attack, according to a summer 2013 survey by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab. 61% lost at least some of their information forever.

03 Sep   Virus News

NetTraveler is back with new tricks

Kaspersky Lab researchers today announced a new attack vector of NetTraveler (also known as “Travnet”, “Netfile” or Red Star APT), an advanced persistent threat that has already infected hundreds of high profile victims in more than 40 countries

15 Aug   Press Releases, Virus News

Kaspersky Lab IT Threat Evolution: Q2 2013

According to the report, mobile malware was the most significant statistical category for the second quarter, in both quantity and complexity.

05 Aug   Virus News

Employee missteps among top causes of data theft

Employee error is one of the main causes of internal IT security incidents which lead to the leakage of confidential corporate data, according to the findings of the Global Corporate IT Security Risks 2013 survey conducted by B2B International in collaboration with Kaspersky Lab this past spring

24 Jul   Virus News

Targeted attacks cost up to $2.4 million in damages

Large businesses face much higher costs than SMEs

10 Jul   Virus News

How security policies can protect your company from cybercriminals

Misuse of office computers does not just reduce productivity and waste time and money

04 Jul   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab Identifies Increase in Apple Phishing Scams as Cybercriminals Target Apple IDs and Financial Credentials

Kaspersky Lab published a phishing report that analyzed the dramatic increase of cybercriminal campaigns designed to steal users’ Apple IDs and account information by creating fraudulent phishing sites that try to imitate the official site

26 Jun   Press Releases, Virus News

1 in 5 phishing attacks target banks and other financial organizations

The data received from Kaspersky Security Network is indirectly confirmed by the banks: according to the results of a global survey conducted in spring 2013 by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab, about 37% of all banks surveyed were affected by phishing attacks at least once over the previous 12 months

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