12 Nov   Product news, Virus News

Security problems turn a third of users off mobile banking

According to the Kaspersky Consumer Security Risks survey conducted by B2B International with Kaspersky Lab in the summer of 2013, almost one third of users do not feel safe making e-payments on their smartphones or tablets.

08 Nov   Product news, Virus News

Kaspersky Lab’s Technology Proactively Blocks Attacks via Zero-Day Vulnerability in Microsoft Office

Kaspersky Lab’s Automatic Exploit Prevention (AEP) technology successfully blocks attacks via the recently discovered system vulnerability in Microsoft Office software.

08 Nov   Business News, Virus News

Malware, spam, and phishing: the threats most commonly encountered by companies

Levels of malware and spam attacks in 2013 are much higher than last year.

30 Oct   Business News, Virus News

Kaspersky Lab study reveals surge in Java exploit attacks to 14.1 million in a year

The number of attacks using Java exploits from September 2012 to August 2013 amounted to 14.1 million – one third more than in the same period in 2011-2012, according to the Kaspersky Lab study Java under attack – the evolution of exploits in 2012-2013.

29 Oct   Product news, Virus News

Soft targets: 28% of users do not check the security credentials of websites when they enter confidential data

Almost one in three Internet users enters confidential data – including financial info – on sites without checking they are authentic. These are the findings of the Consumer Security Risks Survey 2013 which was conducted by the analytical company B2B International in cooperation with Kaspersky Lab.

01 Oct   Product news, Virus News

The Bank of Fakes – almost a third of users have received bogus bank emails

According to the Kaspersky Consumer Security Risks survey carried out by B2B International with Kaspersky Lab in Summer 2013, approximately 30% of users have received bogus emails claiming to come from banks

26 Sep   Press Releases, Virus News

Kaspersky Lab exposes “Icefog”: a new cyber-espionage campaign focusing on supply chain attacks

New trend: the emergence of small groups of cyber-mercenaries available for hire to perform surgical hit and run operations

24 Sep   Business News, Virus News

Exposing the security weaknesses we tend to overlook

It takes 8,5 – 10 weeks the average company to fix a vulnerability – enough time for attackers to gain access to a corporate network

12 Sep   Press Releases, Virus News

Can online transactions ever be safe?

The rise of online banking has given birth to a new form of cybercrime – the theft of payment information. Fraudsters keep developing new ways of bypassing protective systems for financial data.

11 Sep   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab Analyzes Active Cyber-Espionage Campaign Primarily Targeting South Korean Entities

Today Kaspersky Lab’s security research team published a report that analyzes an active cyber-espionage campaign primarily targeting South Korean think-tanks.

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