35% of companies worldwide don't use encryption to safeguard business data

14 Mar 2013
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A Kaspersky Lab survey in association with B2B International has revealed that a significant number of companies don’t pay enough attention to corporate information security practices. The survey, conducted in November 2012, polled over 5,000 senior IT managers worldwide. In particular, it was found that 35% of companies expose corporate data to unauthorized access by failing to us encryption technologies.

Corporate espionage and accidental data leaks pose a serious threat to any business. But many companies are still reluctant to protect critical information by implementing security software.

According to B2B International data, File and Folder Level Encryption, capable of reliably protecting business-critical files and folders, and Full Disk Encryption, which hides the contents of an entire hard drive, including temporary files, from prying eyes, is used by around half of all companies worldwide. For these organizations, any information falling into the hands of cybercriminals will take a considerable, often prohibitive, amount of time and computer power to decrypt.

However, despite these obvious benefits, 34% of companies do not use FLE, and 17% have no plans to do so in the future. The figures for FDE are similar: 36% and 18% respectively. This approach endangers the integrity of corporate information, including confidential data, with potentially serious or even fatal consequences to the business.

Kaspersky Lab encryption technologies

The new corporate platform Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business provides its customers with both File and Folder Level Encryption and Full Disk Encryption to protect confidential information. Key benefits offered by the solution include support for the encryption of data on external storage media and the centralized management both of encryption tools and of user access rights to classified information. As a result, minimizing the risk of data loss is easy and straight forward.

As Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business was developed entirely by Kaspersky Lab specialists in-house, this encryption technology works seamlessly with other corporate security components, meaning no compatibility problems for corporate customers.

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