Number of the week: 60% of users putting personal data at risk with free antivirus protection

09 Jul 2012
Virus News

Even though today’s computer users are well aware of cyber threats, about 60% of them are happy to skimp on antivirus protection and use a free solution – even if it leaves their personal and financial data vulnerable. This figure emerged from research conducted by Harris Interactive in February–March 2012 in the USA, Russia and Europe. French users were the most enthusiastic about free solutions – 69% of them said they used this cut-price option.

It’s something of a paradox: the same research shows that there is significant user awareness of the existence of online threats, and many users have already suffered from malware and other cyber attacks. Nevertheless, the vast majority entrust their security to free and simplistic solutions which are unable to compete with the capability and functionality of paid-for, specifically engineered solutions such as Kaspersky Internet Security. This is corroborated by independent research: for instance, in testing conducted in December 2011, Kaspersky Lab’s product demonstrated significant advantages over commonplace free solutions.

And total security solutions offer so much more. Kaspersky PURE, for example, protects against all threats, provides data backup and safe password storage and allows parents to control their children’s computer use via a local network. Besides, Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky PURE cost no more than a cup of coffee each day – an affordable price for complete peace of mind about your personal data.

The full results of the survey conducted by Harris Interactive in February-March 2012 are available at:

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