Kaspersky Lab to Support VMware vShield for Virtual Data Centers

16 Feb 2011
Virus News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, announces upcoming support for VMware vShield Endpoint to be delivered later this year. Kaspersky’s support of VMware vShield Endpoint will offer comprehensive protection for virtual machines from the latest malware threats without compromising speed and performance. VMware vShield Endpoint streamlines and accelerates antivirus and anti-malware processing. It improves performance and provides comprehensive security by eliminating the need for agents in every virtual machine. In addition, the solution optimizes resource utilization by offloading anti-virus processing to a single security virtual machine, delivered by Kaspersky Lab.

In 2010 Kaspersky security experts collected more than 26 million unique malware samples challenging businesses of all sizes to deal with this rapidly escalating threat landscape. This challenge is only complicated by increasingly decentralized and ever-expanding computing environments. Plus, many companies lack the resources to effectively cope with the difficulties of securing their computing infrastructure, and can ill-afford the potential damage and exposure that comes from poor protection.

“Kaspersky Lab is truly excited to support VMware vShield for our mutual customers. Our support of VMware vShield enables our clients to securely maintain state-of-the-art, multi-layered anti-malware strategies across virtual environments and heterogeneous IT infrastructures, with a level of performance and Total Cost of Protection that truly meets their business needs,” commented Nikolay Grebennikov, Chief Technology Officer at Kaspersky Lab.

“As a leading provider of high-performance endpoint security solutions, VMware is committed to working closely with Kaspersky to protect the rapidly growing number of virtualized environments. We are collaborating with Kaspersky to deliver a tightly integrated solution to secure and optimize the performance and protection of our mutual clients,” said Parag Patel, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances at VMware.