Eugene Kaspersky: Mobile Malware Threat is Set to Increase in 2011

02 Mar 2011
Virus News

Speaking at CeBIT, Kaspersky Lab CEO and co-founder Eugene Kaspersky predicted increased professionalism for the mobile malware cybercrime sphere.

Today mobile devices are used increasingly to access the Internet, and sensitive transactions such as online banking are carried out more and more often using smartphones, and the malware landscape will adapt accordingly.

According to Kaspersky Lab, mobile attacks are generally easy to carry out because mobile users are constantly connected to the Internet. This is why the IT security guru believes that mobile devices and conventional PCs will be subject to the same risks in the future.

"In the years to come, our digital personal life will centre more strongly around the use of mobile devices – whether we are looking at videos, participating in social networks or enjoying a spot of online shopping" said Eugene Kaspersky. "In our professional lives, however, we will be using both mobile services as well as conventional computer technology. The cybercrime scene will adapt to these changes and focus its attacks on Internet users – both of a personal and a professional nature," he concluded.

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