The gap is closing between the world's top three digital polluters

12 Apr 2010
Virus News

Kaspersky Lab today reports that whilst China remains the largest digital polluter of the Internet, the Russian Federation and the USA have increased their share considerably. Together the three countries contribute 53% of the worldwide total for web-borne threats, whilst the UK contributes just 2%.

The results where as follows:
  • China - 23%
  • Russian Federation - 20%
  • USA - 10%
  • India - 4%
  • Germany - 4%
  • Ukraine - 3%
  • Italy - 3%
  • United Kingdom - 2%
  • France - 2%
  • Spain - 2%
  • Other - 27%

Of the major digital polluters the Russian Federation has significantly increased its share, since Kaspersky Lab last reported statistics in February 2010, with a rise from 5.8% to 20%. Similarly, the USA has also followed an upward trend doubling from 4.4% to 10%.

David Emm a member of the Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab comments: "When we reported figures in February of this year the top three countries were contributing just under half of the digital pollution on the Internet. This month it has topped the 50% mark and whilst China remains the single largest polluter, the statistics indicate that its share has been reduced. Meanwhile the Russian Federation and the USA have increased their contribution."

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