Social networking security depends on your friends

19 Apr 2010
Virus News

Kaspersky Lab announces the publication of the analytical article ‘The Dangers of Social Networking’, by Georg Wicherski, a malware analyst with the Company. The article analyzes a wide range of IT threats, from the less dangerous types such as run-of-the-mill spam, to the more technically sophisticated drive-by infections.

If you click on untrusted links or use easily-guessable passwords to protect your personal data, then you are not only endangering yourself, but also the people around you, most notably the friends that you communicate with on social networking sites. Having gained access to your account, an attacker can impersonate you and send your friends messages that appear to originate from you.

In order to save your valuable data, your money and your network of trust, you should not only follow some basic rules yourself but also raise your friends’ awareness too!

The full version of the article ‘The Dangers of Social Networking’ can be found at A summary of the article can be found here.

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