Kaspersky Lab publishes the analytical article 'ZeuS on the Hunt'

12 Apr 2010
Virus News

One of the most prolific threats to be found on computers around the world is the ZeuS Trojan. ZeuS became one of the most widespread and top-selling spyware programs on the Internet's black market because using it to steal online data is so easy. The Trojan helps cybercriminals gain access to everything that the user 'remembers', whether it's a login name, password, or any other kind of data entered into an automated field on a website.

"If your computer is infected by the ZeuS Trojan, and if you have anything worth taking, then the cybercriminal will take it. However, if you have nothing worth taking, it doesn't mean you're in the clear either – it's still pretty likely that your computer will be used for criminal purposes," stresses the article's author, Dmitry Tarakanov, a malware analyst at Kaspersky Lab's Russian Research Center.

The full version of the article 'ZeuS in the Hunt' can be viewed at Securelist.com/en.

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