Kaspersky Lab Calls on Businesses to Reconsider Their IT Security Strategies

26 Nov 2010
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Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, played host to journalists from some of the world's leading business publications at its international press tour "Changing Times for IT Security" held in Moscow, 25–27 November, 2010. During the event, the company's leading representatives discussed the current state of the industry and revealed the company's future corporate development strategy.

The event opened with a welcome speech from Kaspersky Lab's CEO and co-founder, Eugene Kaspersky, in which he reviewed the IT Security market over the past decade and presented Kaspersky Lab's vision of how it will develop in the next 10 years.

According to Eugene, "The industry was a very different place ten years ago. Back then we were mostly dealing with cyber vandals who just wanted to penetrate corporate IT systems in order to mess around with what they found inside. Then a new wave of malware hit the IT industry and cybercrime was born. Those involved were driven by the motivation to make money by different methods. Today, that is certainly the case and it doesn't look as though it will change in the immediate future. So businesses need to be very aware of the potential damage that could face them if they do not have an effective IT Security strategy in place."

Continuing the theme, Eugene went on to say that "In addition to the threat posed by cybercrime that I mentioned previously, we are now witnessing new types of IT threats in the form of cyber terrorism. This is borne out by the malware that our company detected in 2010. The next generation of IT malware to be launched on an unsuspecting world will contain programs for commercial sabotage, or maybe even worse. Our experts are currently examining the situation in great detail and we are developing solutions that will provide our clients with the very best IT Security strategies available for countering cyber terrorism in the future".

Eugene Buyakin, Chief Operating Officer of Kaspersky Lab, brought the assembled media right up-to-date with the current state of the corporate IT Security industry and provided Kaspersky Lab's perspective on what is to come in his presentation titled, "Time to Reconsider IT Security Strategies". The presentation focused mainly on the growing use of personal devices in corporate IT infrastructures (Consumerization) and the low level of public awareness regarding the risks and potential for damage that such devices may bring to businesses that do not have a sufficiently robust and well-designed IT Security strategy in place.

Eugene Buyakin went on to explain "The industry is in the early stages of the convergence of corporate and personal devices for business. This cannot help but lead to the merging of consumer and corporate IT security requirements, meaning that today's companies need to not only secure each corporate network node, but every personal device that connects to the infrastructure too. In this area, Kaspersky Lab has a strong strategic advantage as the company has a wealth of expertise in both areas and can deliver effective IT Security strategies to businesses of all sizes".

The state of the industry and the direction of its future development came under the microscope in a presentation by Eric Domage, Program Manager, European Security Products and Strategies, IDC EMEA Software Group. The presentation was titled "The New Era of IT Security", during which Eric proved the point that corporate IT infrastructure certainly does look much different now compared to how the industry appeared just a couple of years ago, and that in the future, it will be even more heterogeneous. This means that only those vendors who can deliver effective protection in these changing times will remain at the forefront of IT Security in the coming years. Commenting on the issue, Eric stated "The next big threat does not come from a virus. It comes from Security Complexity & Sprawl, thus as of now, the main target for IT Security vendors is to provide connected users with centralized and multifunctional tools to handle the complexity".

Stefan Tanase, Senior Security Researcher, EEMEA, Global Research & Analysis Team, lent a deeper insight into the threats that businesses face today. Stefan's presentation focused on "Surviving Targeted Attacks: Beyond Today and Tomorrow". According to Stefan, "Targeted attacks are used by cybercriminals to gain deep access inside corporate networks nowadays. To combat them, businesses must reconsider their IT Security strategies and develop a proper security mindset, which cannot be achieved as long as users' levels of awareness are low as they have not been educated about the risks because no suitable training or policies exist within a company. Additionally, a company should have a strong IT Security partner that can provide a round-the-clock security team capable of reacting to problems immediately".

All the materials demonstrated within the press event as well as the presentations videos will be available at http://www.kaspersky.com/press-tours

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