Facebook Coming Under Increasing Attack from Phishers

03 Sep 2010
Virus News

Facebook has pushed eBay off its second place position in the list of organisations most often attacked by phishers according to Kaspersky Lab, who has just published its monthly report on spammer activity for July 2010.

According to the report, Facebook accounted for 12.81% of phishing messages, more than three times as much as in the previous month. The e-commerce business PayPal remained in first place after being targeted by over half (53.48%) of all phishing attacks.

The USA and India maintained their leading positions as the most popular sources of spam, distributing 1.5 times as much spam compared to June (17.2% and 9% respectively). Europe caused the most noticeable change in July's rating with the UK, Germany and Italy all making it into the Top 10. The total volume of spam originating from their combined territories increased by 50 percentage points compared with the previous month.

Organizations targeted by phishing attacks in July 2010

The full version of the spam report for July 2010 is available at http://www.securelist.com.

If you'd like to speak with David Emm, senior regional researcher at Kaspersky Lab UK, about the threats posed by spam and phishing scams, and how those targeted can protect themselves, please contact the team at Berkeley PR on 0118 988 2992 or kasperskylab@berkeleypr.co.uk.