750,000 attempts to access internet pornography every day in the UK

28 Oct 2010
Virus News

According to research from Kaspersky Lab, there are nearly 750,000 attempts to access adult content in the UK every day. This equates to more than 31,200 attempts to view inappropriate sites every hour, and is based on data collected by the Kaspersky Security Network.

Number of times adult content is accessed by minors versus time of day

The majority of attempts to look at adult sites are made in the evening with a peak of activity at 9:00 pm. The statistics are based on the number of times that restricted content is accessed on machines using Kaspersky Lab's software. Globally, there were over four million attempts to access adult content throughout September, equating to around 160,000 attempts per hour.

"While these statistics are shocking, to most people they don't come as a surprise. What people should be worrying about is that these attempts could as easily be made by children as they are by adults. As any parent knows, children are naturally curious and will always try to access adult content simply because it is forbidden," explains Ram Herkanaidu, security researcher, Kaspersky Lab. "However, parents need to ensure that no matter how curious their children are, they won't be exposed to unsuitable content. The right software is vital if parents want the peace of mind that comes from knowing their children are safe online."

If you'd like to speak with Ram Herkanaidu, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab UK, about keeping your children safe online, please contact the team at Berkeley PR on 0118 988 2992 or kasperskylab@berkeleypr.co.uk.