Mobile Malware Evolution

29 Sep 2009
Virus News

Kaspersky Lab announces the publication of the third edition of "Mobile Malware Evolution", a review of threats which target mobile phones and smartphones. The full version of the article is available at while a summary can be found at

The article is written by Alexander Gostev, Director of Kaspersky Lab's Global Research and Analysis Team, and Denis Maslennikov, the company's Mobile Research Group Manager.

This third edition describes how the world of mobile devices has evolved in the three years since the previous review was published. The authors provide an overview of the situation and identify trends in the evolution of mobile threats. These trends include the widespread implementation of cross-platform technologies, the sustained increase in the number of mobile threats, and the enhanced capabilities of mobile threats – particularly apparent in threats designed to bring profit to Cybercriminals.

The authors predict significant growth in the number of mobile threats, and believe that other devices may come to be targeted. “Smartbooks may be a more attractive target for malware attacks than smartphones. On the other hand, if x86 processors come to be used in home appliances, the potential scope of malicious attacks could be radically extended”, the authors state.

This material can be reproduced provided the author; company name and original source are cited. Reproduction of this material in re-written form requires the express consent of Kaspersky Lab’s Public Relations department.

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