The Cybercrime Arms Race

23 Sep 2008
Virus News

Today cybercriminals run their operations like a business: they outsource, they create value add propositions, they watch margins and cut costs. The result is that the malware flooding the Internet today is completely different from the malware of previous years.

In this article Eugene Kaspersky takes a look at the world of malware writers: how they build and run their business. In any confrontation it is vital to understand your opponent, and this article will enable anyone responsible for or interested in security to gain a solid understanding of the enemy they are facing.

Eugene starts by reviewing how cyber criminals structure their business to keep their operations highly profitable. Having reviewed the business side of things, Eugene moves on to discuss some of the tools malware writers are using to penetrate through the most up to date defenses. Finally, Eugene offers a few ideas on what is needed to control this problem in the long term.

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