Kaspersky Lab presents its half-yearly report on malware evolution

25 Sep 2006
Virus News

The Kaspersky Lab Security Bulletin: a report on malware activity over the past six months

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces the publication of the Kaspersky Security Bulletin, a half-yearly analytical report on malware. The report, written by Kaspersky Lab virus analysts, looks back at trends in malware evolution over the last six months and makes predictions for the future evolution of malicious code. The report will be of interest to security professionals, the media and individuals interested in computer security.

In particular, Senior Virus Analyst Aleks Gostev examines the latest malware threats to mobile devices, such as the first cross-platform malicious programs for mobile devices and the first Java-script mobile virus. Aleks also discusses the recent plateau in mobile malware growth, possible reasons for the lull and potential future trends.

Senior Virus Analyst Yury Mashevsky examines the continuing growth of Trojans versus the decrease of other malware and the reasons behind this trend. Virus Analyst Konstantin Sapronov reviews the growth in Mac OS and *nix threats over the past six months and the reasons for this growth. Spam continues to haunt users and Anna Vlasova, Head of the Spam Lab, evaluates spam evolution both in Russia and worldwide.

Finally, Costin Raiu, Head of Research and Development in Kaspersky Lab, Romania, continues his ongoing analysis of Internet attacks, with a close look at popular ports under attack. Costin examines vulnerabilities being used to successfully spread malware and presents his vision of future developments in this area.

All analyses can be found at The Kaspersky Security Bulletin, available in full on the Kaspersky Lab Viruslist. Please note: information and quotes may be taken from the report but the author and article must be referenced.

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