Beware: New Version of Mydoom (Novarg)

28 Jan 2004
Virus News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading information security software developer has detected a new version of Mydoom, the latest Internet worm - Mydoom.b Kaspersky Lab has already received several reports of infections by this malicious program. Our analysts believe that Mydoom.b is probably using machines infected by the original Mydoom to propagate. Therefore, the computer community may be facing a much more serious outbreak than the one caused by Mydoom.a yesterday, January 27. At this time Kaspersky Lab is analyzing Mydoom.b. Like its predecessor, the worm spreads via email and the KaZaA file-sharing network. The carrier is about 28 KB in size and contains the following text: "sync-1.01; andy; I'm just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry". Moreover, the target for the DoS attack is changed from to We will provide more details as soon as they are available.