Warning! Global Internet Epidemic

23 Apr 2002
Virus News

Internet-worm Klez.H steals confidential information. Despite the persistent recommendations from Kaspersky Lab urging users to take the necessary measures to protect themselves against the mounting threat from the latest version of the Internet-worm Klez, most users lightly regarded the problem of securing their personal data, resulting in a global Internet virus epidemic. Over the past several days Kaspersky Lab' technical support services have received over twelve thousand inquiries concerning Klez.h Internet worm infections. "Unfortunately most users don't hurry to update their anti-virus databases and many others aren't in the habit of using anti-virus software, thus breaking the basic rules of computer hygiene. Even the utility Kaspersky Lab released, free of charge, six days ago was not highly used." said, Natalya Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab CEO. Adding, "Today we see a growing amount of computer infections occurring with unprecedented speed. The scale of this epidemic and the sheer danger posed by this virus places Klez.h in line with the infamous ILOVEYOU, CodeRed and Sircam viruses that caused colossal losses." More detailed information on Klez.H can be found here.
Three methods of protection:
1. Free of charge utility that will detect and remove all wide-spread versions of the Klez worm family (including Klez.H). Download this utility here.
2. Obtain any version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus in Kaspersky Lab' Internet-store.
3. Kaspersky Lab also recommends users install the Microsoft Internet Explorer security patch.
Licensed users of Kaspersky Anti-Virus programs - Please update your anti-virus databases!