Kaspersky Anti-Virus: 100% Protection

07 Jan 2002
Virus News

The international computer magazine SC Magazine recommends Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Exchange 2000 Server

SC Magazine (www.scmagazine.com), one of the most well respected computer magazines specializing in problems concerning information safety, conducted a test involving Kaspersky Anti-Virus for e-mail gateways Microsoft 2000 Server.

Kaspersky Lab presents the following excerpt from SC Magazine's final assessment for your consideration:

For: very easy to use and configure
Against: nothing to dislike at all
Verdict: Extremely efficient solution that is worthy of the title -anti-virus solution' with a clean 100-percent return for all six of our stringent tests.
"Messages received by users after installation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Exchange are checked for virus activity in a similar manner to the other solutions, prior to delivery, to ensure system integrity is maintained throughout the network. This means that the onus is not put on the recipient, who may be less than perfect when it comes to manually scanning his or her mail. Let's face it, if we all had to take responsibility for this each and every time an attachment came in, would we bother? Probably not.

When you set up Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Exchange, all your -protected recipients' will have their e-mails scanned for viruses, and of course all the messages they send will be treated similarly.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Exchange uses a database to detect files that are infected and can then clean the offending file or send it to be scrutinised by the administrator. Messages can also be sent to intended recipients, so that they become aware that an infected file has been stopped. Where possible, these messages are cleaned and sent on to the person that they were intended for, with the file (after disinfection) still intact. It is up to the administrator how he or she determines to use this solution. When choosing the configuration options, they may choose to send alerts or not to both sender and recipient. Where an attached file is infected and can't be cured, it can be sent directly to the administrator for manual opening and cleaning.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Exchange went through our conclusive tests with gusto, making short shift of the 202 in-the-wild list infections with a perfect 100 per cent. It then flew through our second test to detect a further 100 per cent of our additional in-the-wild viruses. When we threw the polymorphic collection of 949 at Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Exchange, it flew through them to again provide us with the confidence of yet another impeccable score. The macros, numbering 4,656 in total, gave it no problems whatsoever, as it detected each and every one. This product proved immensely fast in the penultimate test with a returning speed of 1.57 seconds, and then followed on with a final disinfection rate of 100 per cent to prove itself more than worthy of the title -anti-virus solution'."