I-Worm.Zircon: New Virus is rapidly spreading on the Internet

14 Mar 2002
Virus News

Kaspersky Lab reports the details Kaspersky Lab, a leading international data-security software developer, reports the detection of the Internet-worm known as I-Worm.Zircon.c. At this time it is known that infections from this dangerous virus have occurred in several countries. Zircon.c spreads via e-mail in the form of an e-mail message with the attachment "patch.exe". The message subject field may contain in English the word "Important" or one of seventeen variations in Japanese. Which subject one receives depends on the recipient's e-mail address. If an address ends with ".jp" the worm uses a subject written in Japanese, while all others receive the line "Important". The body of the message is blank but contains an attachment - the executable file "patch.exe", which stores the damaging code. The worm is activated only if a user launches this program file. Zircon.c is a worm that activates only once - it does not install itself into the system and does not repeatedly launch itself (except in cases where a user repeatedly opens the infected attachment). If the worm is launched, it sends itself to all the users in the Outlook address book by using the SMTP server, which it automatically connects with and manages. The defense procedure against "Zircon.c" has already been added to KasperskyT Anti-Virus database. Further details regarding this Internet-worm are available in the Kaspersky Lab Virus Encyclopedia.