Free Utility for Detecting and Deleting The Tanatos and Opasoft Internet Worms

07 Oct 2002
Virus News

In connection with the numerous infections the world over at the hands of the Tanatos and Opasoft Internet worms, Kaspersky Lab has developed a free-of-charge utility for detecting and deleting these malicious programs. The utility can be downloaded from the Kaspersky Lab web site here. Both viruses, which were detected by Kaspersky Lab last week, constitute a serious threat to the information security of Internet users: Internet worm "Opasoft" - A multi-component virus that has both the characteristics of a network worm and a Trojan program, makes possible the unauthorized remote control of infected computers. Opasoft spreads both within and across local area networks. Internet worm "Tanatos" - A malicious program that secretly leaks confidential information from victim computers and spreads via both email and local area networks. The free utility developed by Kaspersky Lab ensures the detection and deletion of the malicious code for Tanatos and Opasoft (versions a,b,c,d) on infected machines. Moreover, the utility exposes and eradicates an array of other dangerous computer viruses including Klez and Sircam. To ensure the safety of your data, please refrain from working with the Internet and email without switching on your anti-virus software and making certain all virus databases are fully updated. Kaspersky Lab also recommends users install the Internet Explorer security system patch.