Beware of Fakes!

08 Nov 2002
Virus News

Kaspersky Lab reports an attempt to hack its Web server Kaspersky Lab informs users that on the night the November 7th there was a massive attack against the company's Web server. The attack resulted in a group of hackers sending the subscribers of the Kaspersky Lab e-mail newsletter a message containing the recently discovered "Bridex" worm. The infected messages have the following appearance: "Bridex" is an e-mail aware worm that spreads in e-mail messages and infects computers in two ways:
  1. manually, if a user executes the attached file (README.EXE),
  2. automatically upon reading the message if the target PC has no Internet Explorer patch installed that thwarts the IFRAME-vulnerability.
Despite Kaspersky Lab not receiving any actual reports of infection caused by this hacker attack we recommend that users under no circumstances open messages having the aforementioned appearance and immediately to delete them. To strengthen your defense against "Bridex" we also advise you to urgently install the IFRAME-vulnerability patch available for free at Microsoft's Web site: Unfortunately, hacker attacks have become a part of computer users' every day life. Even the majority of the world's largest governmental and commercial institutions already felt victims to hackers. "During the last few years Kaspersky Lab has grown to become one of the leading virus experts and this status has attracted much attention from hackers resulting in daily attempts to penetrate of defenses, - said Eugene Kaspersky, Head of Anti-Virus Research. - Currently we are conducting an investigation to reveal the sources of this attack and are taking the necessary measures with our security system to ensure that this type of attack will never succeed in the future." Kaspersky Lab apologizes to all its newsletter subscribers. If your PC has become infected with "Bridex" as a result of this hacker attack we will provide you with immediate free assistance to neutralize this worm. We kindly ask you to contact our technical support available 24 hours a day by e-mail ( or by phone (+7 095 797 8707). Kaspersky Lab takes this opportunity to remind you of the security rules of the company's e-mail newsletters, which allow you to distinguish the hackers' messages from the real ones. Please, keep in mind that Kaspersky Lab newsletters come in plain text format and do not contain any attached objects. If you receive a message with attached objects - do not open them and submit them to Kaspersky Lab' technical support ( for an expert evaluation. You can find more details about the "Bridex" worm in the Kaspersky Virus Encyclopedia at