The "Logic" in this is Nothing Special - Its Just a Proof-of-Concept Malicious Code

10 Apr 2001
Virus News

Cambridge, United Kingdom, April 11, 2001 - Recently, some anti-virus vendors have been touting the discovery of a new Internet-worm "Logic" - the first malicious code written in the Logo programming language used in a limited number of schools for educational purposes only.

This Internet-worm has built-in capabilities for spreading via e-mail utilizing the widely used Microsoft Outlook mail program as well as IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels. Aside from unauthorized spreading, the worm has no additional payload that can affect the normal operating of the infected computers.

The messages "Logic" distributes to all the recipients from the Outlook address book appear as follows:

Kaspersky Lab firmly states that this Internet-worm still has not yet been found "in-the-wild," and poses absolutely no threat to the majority of computer users, simply because, in order to be activated, "Logic" requires the Logo interpreter to be installed on the target systems (for example, SuperLogo for Windows). Therefore, the worm's possible existence is severely limited by the dearth of computers that have the Logo interpreter installed.

Detection and removal procedures thwarting the "Logic" Internet-worm have already been added to the KasperskyTM Anti-Virus virus signature database.

More details about the worm are available in the Kaspersky Virus Encyclopedia.

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