The CyberPolice Comment on Kaspersky® Anti-Virus

24 Jul 2001
Virus News

The CyberPolice Task Force - codenamed "Phoenix" - is a voluntary unit formed in 1999 in response to the global threat posed by virus creators, hackers, crackers, and conmen trying to swindle people out of their money via the Internet. It is entirely non-profit, and is dedicated to stopping the cyber criminals. The latest incident with the "KeyTrap" Trojan program has initiated the CyberPolice's Chief Security Officer to comment on different anti-virus vendors' technical support and commitment to users' virus protection as a whole.

"Kaspersky Lab is the finest anti-virus vendor with the finest support in the world. Why is that so? In July 2001, I discovered the Trojan horse 'KeyTrap'. 'Keytrap' is a keylogger, so I alerted the major anti-virus vendors in the world within 48 hours. Of all the vendors, only 2 of them responded in the most prompt and courteous manner.

One of these was Kaspersky Lab, maker of the highly acclaimed Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Their support personnel kept in constant contact with me daily and updated their virus-signature database promptly. There has been a series of follow-ups as well, all in prompt and courteous fashion. I was completely impressed by such an excellent support team.

I had difficulty submitting virus samples to some of the top vendors, as they require complex procedures that only serve to slow things down. Their responses were also quite slow, and one top anti-virus vendor even refused to classify the keylogger as a Trojan as it argued that the program is a "legitimate" program.

However, Kaspersky Lab and CyberPolice agreed that any keylogger program, no matter how legitimate, could be used for malicious purposes. As such, they should be included in a virus-signature database for detection and removal. Continue the good Kaspersky Anti-Virus support, and to those reading my comments, please help spread the good words about the excellent product and Kaspersky Lab.

The team at Kaspersky Lab, from the top to down, have indeed worked very hard towards the goal of being a world-class anti-virus vendor. I give Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Lab 5 stars out of 5. Never had I been so impressed with such prompt and excellent technical support. Absolutely both thumbs up for Kaspersky!"

Chief Security Officer (CSO)

"We appreciate the praise Kaspersky Lab have received from one of the world's most respected independent security organizations - CyberPolice. Their comments are the best confirmation of Kaspersky Lab' excellency in technical support and immediate response to the appearance of new malicious programs," commented Denis Zenkin, Head of Corporate Communications for Kaspersky Lab.