New Victims of the "Nimda" Network Worm

20 Sep 2001
Virus News

Only two days ago on September 18, the "Nimda" network worm appeared throughout the world on a grand scale. Numerous reports about infection by this worm have been reported from many parts of the globe, with the number of the worm's victims already reaching the hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any noticeable let up in "Nimda's" spreading.

The worm's victims so far have been both home users and large corporations. According to the Newsbytes information agency, September 20 was the day "Nimda" appeared on the Microsoft and Dell Web sites. Those using these resources reported that upon viewing several pages on the sites, their anti-virus detected the worm's attempt to penetrate their computers.

Other sources report attacks on Siemens, the National Bank of Australia, a number of large European banks, including Deutsche Bank and HSBC, and governmental organizations of many countries.

"Every day, we receive thousands of messages from users about incidences of infection. Despite our urging, these very users have failed to update their anti-virus and install the necessary patches," commented Denis Zenkin, Head of Corporate Communications for Kaspersky Lab. "Moreover, everyday we witness an increase in the number of these messages that confirms the continued spreading of the 'Nimda' epidemic."

In order to detect, diagnose, and effectively delete "Nimda," Kaspersky Lab offers users of other anti-viruses the opportunity to take advantage of the free utility program you can download here.