Matcher: Yet Another Offspring of the Melissa Virus

18 Apr 2001
Virus News

Kaspersky Lab, an international data-security software-development company, warns computer users about the discovery "in-the-wild" of the Internet-worm "Matcher" that spreads via e-mail.

"This worm s is not anything remarkable, and it does not pose a threat to users in the way of destroying or disclosing confidential information. However, because of the fact that the virus is present in computers, unauthorized mass spreading could prove damaging to a company or individual user's reputation," commented Eugene Kaspersky, Head of Anti-Virus Research for Kaspersky Lab.

Considering the registered cases of computer infection resulting from this worm, Kaspersky Lab strongly recommends updating your KasperskyTM Anti-Virus database, which already contains the necessary means of neutralizing the worm "Matcher."

For technical details, visit the Kaspersky Virus Encyclopedia.

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