Free Treatment Utility for "Goner"

05 Dec 2001
Virus News

Kaspersky Lab releases the cure-all CLRAV utility thwarting "Goner".

In response to the wide-spreading infections caused by the Internet worm "Goner," Kaspersky Lab has developed a utility for the detection and deletion of the malicious code contained in "Goner". We are offering this utility to users free of charge.

The utility, CLRAV, carries out a full search-and-neutralization for the "Goner" Internet worm in the RAM and hard disk of an infected computer. CLRAV also restores the original Windows system registry contents.

In addition to effectively fighting the "Goner" Internet Worm, the utility also thwarts the network worms SirCam, Navidad, BleBla.

CLRAV is also useful for users of other anti-virus programs that may not be able to properly detect and delete "Goner".

You can download the CLRAV utility here.