Win32.FunLove: Rock Fans Create Computer Viruses Too

10 Nov 1999
Virus News

Cambridge, UK, November 11, 1999 - Kaspersky Lab Int., an international anti-virus software company, reports the discovery of a new Windows virus with a great potential for spreading across corporate networks. Win32.FunLove has been found "in-the-wild". It means that there is a real threat to all computer users to be infected with this virus.

It is not a dangerous memory resident parasitic Win32 virus. It affects PE EXE files on local and network drives. Because of its network spreading ability the virus can infect the local network from one infected workstation, in case the network access permissions allow writing for this workstation.

Detection and disinfection routines for Win32.FunLove virus has been included in an emergency update for anti-virus database of AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP).

Technical Details