BubbleBoy Has Broken Free

30 Nov 1999
Virus News

The worm reported "in-the-wild"

Cambridge, UK, December 1, 1999 - Kaspersky Lab Int., an international anti-virus software vendor, announces the discovery of the BubbleBoy Internet worm "in-the-wild".

The worm previously existed in "zoo" virus collections of hackers groups has been detected wandering in the Internet. This means that computer users have to be much more cautious about anti-virus protection of their computers as never before.

The BubbleBoy was discovered earlier this year in November. This is the world's first worm able to spread through the Internet without resort to attached files and to enter the computer systems right after an infected e-mail message has been read.

"We anticipated this course of events and took care of our customers' security beforehand. AVP users are already protected against the BubbleBoy worm," - said Eugene Kaspersky, head of anti-virus research at Kaspersky Lab.

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