Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server reinforces protection against cyber-attacks

26 Dec 2012
Product news

Faster updates, cloud technologies and ability to deal with targeted attacks greatly improve safety of business emails.

Kaspersky Lab announces a key update for Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server, the corporate solution for Linux and FreeBSD mail server protection. The enhanced product includes innovative technologies to protect corporate users against spam and malware spread by email.

Features and Improvements

  • New innovative Zero-day, Exploits and Targeted Attacks Shield (ZETA Shield) technology protects computers against unknown malware, exploits and advanced persistent threats
  • New Enforced Anti-Spam Updates Service technology uses push technology directly from the Kaspersky cloud to deliver real-time updates
  • New cloud-assisted Content Reputation Filtering technology combats unknown spam to enhance the spam capture rate and reduce the number of false positives
  • Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) support provides additional protection against the very latest spam
  • New Format Recognizer feature can filter attachments based on file type, name and message size
  • Improved blacklist and whitelist support: in addition to creating corporate blacklists or whitelists, administrators can manage “allowed” or “denied” senders, while users can also create their own lists
  • Integration with most popular MTAs (Postfix, Sendmail, Exim, qmail and CommunigatePro)
  • New module licensing feature allows companies to choose between anti-spam protection, anti-malware protection or a complex solution

Product Highlights

Zero-day, Exploits and Targeted Attacks Shield (ZETA Shield)

Today, targeted attacks on companies are one of the most dangerous threats to businesses. Perpetrators often resort to distributing messages with malicious attachments, including exploits – malicious objects that use system or application errors to infect a machine.

Thanks to its innovative ZETA Shield technology, Kaspersky Linux Mail Security is able to detect and block emails containing malicious exploits, including new and unknown ones.

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Enforced Anti-Spam Updates Service (EASUS)

One distinct feature of spam-related cybercrime is the “hit and run” nature of most attacks: roughly half of any spam assault is delivered inside the first 10 minutes. The new EASUS technology delivers the most important parts of every anti-spam database update in real time, so Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server is able to react to new spam quickly and efficiently.

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Content Reputation Filtering

Content Reputation Filtering, a new Kaspersky Lab technology, fragments email content, then analyses and compares these fragments with known samples of unwanted email using Kaspersky Lab’s cloud technologies. As well as increasing the detection level of new spam and malicious messages, Content Reputation Filtering reduces the number of false positives.

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Flexible Licensing

Depending on its needs, a company can choose one of three licenses for Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server. The first option includes anti-spam security, the second offers anti-malware protection and the third license provides complex mail server security against active cyber-threats.

Test Results

In September 2012, the Virus Bulletin magazine conducted a comparative test of corporate anti-spam solutions – the Virus Bulletin Anti-Spam Comparative Review. While scanning a collection of unsolicited mail samples collected by the Virus Bulletin experts, Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server detected 99.93% of spam messages, taking second place in the overall rating and first place among those corporate solutions combining cloud and local mail scanning technologies.

Virus Bulletin Anti-Spam Comparative Review
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Kaspersky Linux Mail Security is now available for Kaspersky Lab’s corporate clients as part of Kaspersky Security for Mail Server. This package also includes other mail security solutions from Kaspersky Lab for other platforms such as Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino – all at a single price. Kaspersky Linux Mail Security replaces the previous generation of solutions for Linux mail servers, including Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Mail Server, Kaspersky Anti-Spam and Kaspersky Mail Gateway.


Nikolay Grebennikov, Chief Technology Officer
Kaspersky Lab

“Our updated security solution for Linux mail servers is able to detect and block spam; moreover, thanks to the innovative ZETA Shield technology it can efficiently resist targeted attacks on businesses carried out via email. Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server provides complex protection of mail servers and since it offers flexible licensing, businesses can choose the necessary level of protection.”

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