Kaspersky Linux Mail Security is the top client-based anti-spam solution in VBSpam test

01 Oct 2012
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Kaspersky Linux Mail Security, designed to protect corporate email traffic from malware and spam, has produced outstanding results in the latest VBSpam comparative test conducted by the reputable Virus Bulletin magazine. The new Kaspersky Lab product came out on top among 20 anti-spam solutions with a detection rate of 99.93%, earning it a VBSpam award. This was the best result among client-based anti-spam products, and the second highest in the overall rating. Kaspersky Lab’s security solution for Linux-based mail servers also improved on its 99.75% result recorded in the previous VBSpam test.

The VBSpam test is conducted on a regular basis and evaluates the ability of anti-spam solutions to detect and block unwanted emails. The latest round of testing was held over 16 days in August and September 2012. Over 130,000 spam emails were processed. The samples, which were actually being distributed at the time of testing, were collected from two different spam databases. Particular attention was paid to international and multi-lingual spam. Another batch of over 10,000 messages – legitimate newsletters in different languages that are often mistaken for spam – was used to test the products for false positive detections.

The results for Kaspersky Linux Mail Security were overwhelmingly positive. The latest anti-spam and anti-malware solution from Kaspersky Lab detected 99.93% of spam messages, missing only 94 samples. Only one false positive (erroneous detection of a legitimate email as spam) was recorded, resulting in a false positive score of 0.01%. The overall score, based on both the detection and false positive rates was 99.88. This was the second best result in the overall rating, with only a hosted email solution showing a slightly higher score.
Evgeny Smirnov, Anti-Spam Technologies Development Group Manager at Kaspersky Lab, commented: “Such positive results in the latest VBSpam test prove just how effective Kaspersky Lab’s traditional and cloud-based technologies are. Kaspersky Linux Mail Security became the best client-based security solution, with the only product showing better detection – and a poorer false positive rate – being the hosted anti-spam service. It is important to understand that Kaspersky Linux Mail Security’s cloud service cannot view the original clients’ emails, unlike hosted solutions. This means hosted services have a slight advantage, but allows products like ours to comply with the strict requirements of business confidentiality.”

An overview of the VBSpam test results for September 2012 can be found on Virus Bulletin’s website at: http://www.virusbtn.com/vbspam/archive/test?recent=1

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