Kaspersky Lab patents a new way to optimize corporate antivirus software performance

24 Aug 2012
Business News

Kaspersky Lab is proud to announce a new Russian patent for a means of customizing antivirus software running on a corporate network. This new technology was developed by Kaspersky Lab experts and will help properly install and customize antivirus software to best suit the hardware capabilities of a company’s servers and workstations.

The antivirus solution used to protect a local network must be properly installed and configured — otherwise, users may still encounter problems ranging from vulnerabilities to excessive use of the network’s resources. The larger a company is, the more computers it has, and the more of a challenge it becomes for the company’s IT team to streamline each and every machine. That is why the need has arisen for a software solution that will make it easier to install all of the requisite modules to ensure comprehensive security, while pinpointing ineffective settings that slow antivirus operations in certain areas of the corporate network.

Kaspersky Lab’s Patent No. 2453917 describes a new method for streamlining and prioritizing antivirus tasks within a computer network. This new technology, developed by Anton Tikhomirov and Andrey Kulaga, is essentially able to determine the hardware capabilities of each of the network nodes prior to installing and customizing Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus solutions. Afterwards, the technology analyzes the performance of each of the installed products in order to subsequently adjust the settings as needed. As a result, antivirus software will perform better on a local network, without creating any excess burden on the other nodes.

Together with this new invention, Kaspersky Lab has registered a total of 60 patents in Russia. The company currently holds over 110 patents in Russia, the US, China, and Europe.

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