Mac Users Are Less Security-Conscious

19 Jul 2012
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Many Mac users still believe that using OS X will protect them from Internet risks. A survey carried out by Kaspersky Lab discovered that Internet security software or antivirus products are installed on just half of Macbooks1. By comparison: 84 per cent of Windows laptops are equipped with security software.

Security experts agree that Apple computers are no more inherently secure than Windows ones. The fact is that OS X is a frequent target for attacks. One of the most recent involved the Flashfake Trojan, which infected around 700,000 Macs2 and controlled them remotely via a botnet. Other issues, like secure online banking and shopping, are operating-system-independent. All users need to be careful in these areas to ensure optimum security and with this in mind, Kaspersky Lab has launched Kaspersky Security for Mac, the all-new security solution designed to protect users of Apple computers from cybercrime threats.

Kaspersky Security for Mac protects the Mac OS X environment (including Mac OS Mountain Lion 10.8.) by combining traditional security technologies with cloud-based methods and offering a rapid response to the latest dangers. Besides protecting computers from Mac-specific threats, the new solution also prevents Windows and Linux malware from spreading to other computers. And, for the first time, it provides an effective Parental Control feature set, protecting kids from viewing inappropriate content online.

“Why should Apple computers be protected with a proper solution, offering the best-in-class protection against all types of threats? We at Kaspersky Lab think that the value of your personal data is the most significant reason,” says Lee Sharrocks, UK Sales and Marketing Director at Kaspersky Lab.. “As the market share of Apple computers grows, cybercriminals are paying much more attention to it. The result is a steady growth in the number of malicious programs for Macs, and a number of highly dangerous incidents that are emerging more and more often.”

New Protection Technologies

Kaspersky Security for Mac utilises the latest protection technologies to fight all types of threats, including Trojans, worms, spyware, adware and keyloggers. The file scanning module is activated during start-up and checks new and updated files automatically, minimising impact on system resources. The ability to detect and block Mac, Windows or Linux-specific malware also prevents the spread of malicious objects to other computers at home, or those belonging to friends and colleagues. The antivirus database is updated hourly to ensure protection against the latest threats, while cloud-based security technology reacts to the most recent malicious objects within minutes.

Virtual Keyboard for Secure Online Banking and Shopping

To provide even better protection, Kaspersky Security for Mac now provides Web Protection features that detect and block malicious, fraudulent and phishing websites and alert users about each online threat detected. Anti-phishing technology makes your Mac more secure, especially when you are using online banking or payment services. To protect confidential data such as credit card numbers or passwords, Kaspersky Security introduces the Virtual Keyboard. It comes as an extension to the standard Safari browser and also works with Google Chrome and Firefox. Using this keyboard to enter sensitive information makes it impossible for criminals to intercept sensitive data using keyloggers. The keyboard pops up on screen at your request and is accessible from all relevant password forms on web pages.

Better performance and simplified user interface

The new Kaspersky Security for Mac provides better performance and usability. Kaspersky Lab’s own set of iSwift technologies offers intelligent file scanning, checking only items which have been created or modified since the previous run. The revised user interface, with easy-to-understand settings and all necessary information in the main windows, makes it as user-friendly as possible.

Feature-rich Parental Controls

Parental Control is the latest addition to Kaspersky Lab’s new Mac product, providing a safe and regulated online experience for your children. Parents are able to set a time limit on their kids’ Internet activities, or specify the exact times each day when children are allowed to go online. Kaspersky Security for Mac will ensure that SafeSearch in search engines like Google will always be enabled, ensuring that only appropriate content will be displayed in search results.

Specific file types can be restricted for downloading when the child uses the computer. Certain undesired websites can be blocked as well: either manually or by category. Moreover, Kaspersky Security monitors kids’ activity in social networks like Facebook. This feature allows parents to monitor who the child communicates with, and to restrict certain contacts or whole social networks.

System Requirements

Kaspersky Security for Mac is designed to protect Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8.

Availability and Pricing

Kaspersky Security for Mac will be available from 17 July 2012. One-year licences can be purchased for £39.99.

To learn more about Kaspersky Security for Mac, please visit:

1 Results based on a survey by Harris Interactive, conducted in February and March 2012 among almost 9,000 consumers from the USA, Russia, Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain. The full report on the survey by Harris Interactive is available at: consumer_survey_report_eng_final.pdf


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