Kaspersky Lab Has Been Granted New US Patent Covering a System and Method for Monitoring Execution Performance of Software Program Product

22 Feb 2012
Product news

Kaspersky Lab, one of the leading developers of secure content and threat management solutions, announces that it has finally been granted a new patent in the USA, after four years of examination. Patent № 8117602 covers a “System and Method for Monitoring Execution Performance of Software Program Product”. Such software execution monitoring is commonly known as “tracing binary applications”. The patented technology was developed by Mikhail Pavlyushchik.

The patented technology monitors (or to use the technical term - traces) how a program behaves, and then creates an encoded report on such behavior. The fact that the report is encoded makes it suitable for work in untrusted environments.

The tracing that goes into making the report locates and logs certain fields of data that are responsible for different fragments of code. Then, to encode the extracted fields of data, special identifiers are used that afford presenting the gathered data in a structured form. The identifiers can contain various types of information about a program, including the version number, data field numbers, etc.

The patented technology permits saving the data obtained as a result of tracing a program’s operations in already encoded form. The results of the tracing are compiled into an encoded report, inaccessible to third parties, which can be decoded using a database of identifiers and components of trace mechanism.

At present Kaspersky Lab has been granted 49 patents covering its advanced technologies in Russia, 43 in the United States, one in Europe and one in China. Another 35 patent applications are currently being examined by the patent office of Russia, 44 - by the patent office of the United States, 37 - of Europe, and 23 - China.

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