Kaspersky Lab Obtains Two New Patents in Russia

28 Apr
Product News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, announces the successful patenting in Russia of a method used to track file modifications and a system that optimizes the use of computer resources during antivirus scanning.

Patent No. 2415471 covers technology used to track file modifications. The technique involves optimizing the synchronization process for databases of modified files that are subject to antivirus scanning, with a module or application providing information about modified files. To expedite the process of file scanning a special database is used that contains information about whether a file has been modified since it was last scanned. In order to make the process as efficient as possible, a dedicated log and a cache of modified files are used when synchronizing the databases with the antivirus driver. Information about any modified files, e.g. file identifier data, is first loaded into the cache and the cache's new entries are periodically transferred to the log. They are then transferred from the log to the database at certain intervals. These processes take place in dedicated background threads without downloading the antivirus application or driver.

The patented method significantly accelerates the process of scanning modified files.

The second patent, No. 103201, describes a system that optimizes computer resources during antivirus scanning thanks to the use of cache data. The cache data is prepared in advance using antivirus databases in a form that is convenient for the antivirus system to work with. Such data representation, e.g. in the form of memory-mapped files or Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL), allows the data to be used in several processes at once without the need to load it into RAM for each process. The cache is stored in the permanent memory, which means it is not necessary to constantly convert antivirus databases into cache data.

Currently, over one hundred patent applications filed by Kaspersky Lab are being processed by the relevant authorities in the USA, Russia, China and Europe. These pending patents all cover innovative new IT security technologies.