Kaspersky PURE Provides Ultimate Home-Wide Protection Against Digital Pollution

09 Mar
Product News

Kaspersky Lab today announces the launch of Kaspersky PURE, a comprehensive and innovative approach to safeguarding all home PC users against digital pollution and Cybercrime threats. Kaspersky PURE creates a worry and risk-free environment within which PCs, files, digital identity and services are protected against loss caused by malware, malfunction or user error.

Kaspersky PURE is a new software product that enables all PC users to enjoy the many benefits of being online without the associated risks. It combines Kaspersky Lab’s industry leading levels of protection against existing and future threats, with an array of features that include: enhanced parental controls, easy-to-use backup and safe storage, a strong encryption tool, file-shredder, smart password manager and the ability to easily and effectively manage the home IT network.

"Many homes are dependent on one or more PCs for their day-to-day digital life. They help to educate, inform and entertain, as well as providing a vital place to store valuable data. However, with an average of 30,000 new threats being detected each day, the digital pollution that is plaguing the Internet is creating an associated risk," explains Andreas Lamm, Managing Director Kaspersky Lab Europe. "Kaspersky PURE provides a clean, safe and protected environment for everyone’s digital lives."

Latest advanced technologies of Kaspersky PURE include:
  • Award-winning PC and Internet security:

    Kaspersky PURE incorporates a comprehensive array of powerful advanced security technologies to protect against malware and Cybercrime. These include: antivirus, personal two-way firewall, anti-spam, application control, safe run (sandbox) mode for programs and websites.
  • Parental controls:

    Parents and guardians can limit the time that minors spend on a PC, as well as regulate access to specific programs and the Internet. Any attempt to access websites displaying adult content can be easily blocked and the supervising adult alerted. Furthermore, the IM (Instant Messaging) feature can be set up to block messages containing obscene language, predefined words or telephone numbers.
  • Data backup/restore:

    Data protection doesn’t just mean guarding against malicious programs and cybercriminals. Instead, something as simple as an unexpected disruption to the electricity supply can irretrievably destroy the hard disk, along with all the documents, digital photos and video flies stored on it. Kaspersky PURE includes a dedicated module to help create backup copies of data and restore it if needed.
  • Password manager:

    Creates unique and strong passwords for email accounts, forums, blogs and online banking and inserts them automatically during the login process. It’s even possible to configure the program to launch automatically or manually, whichever users prefer. Users can, for example use their mobile phones as “keys” to the online world – without ever having to take them out of their pockets. When the phone comes within range of the PC, Kaspersky PURE will detect it via Bluetooth and unlock the password database automatically.
  • Data encryption:

    Being confident that data is secure involves more than just blocking the threats that come up during an online session. Even when a computer is switched off and regular protection is disabled, Cybercriminals can still physically access the data stored on the hard disk or USB device. With Kaspersky PURE’s data encryption, users can be confident that valuable data will not fall into the wrong hands, even if the hard disk is lost or stolen.
  • Single point protection management:

    Installing and configuring a complete home network security system, scanning for malware, managing data backup and parental control routines can be time-consuming. Kaspersky PURE enables all this to be done easily from anywhere on the network by a single user with administrator rights.
  • Security+ toolkit:

    Fine-tune the security of operating systems and browsers. The product analyses those settings that are either hidden or generally overlooked and prompts users to take action if any of them pose a threat to their digital well-being.

Kaspersky PURE benefits from extensive consumer research into the problems encountered by PC users and their families throughout their everyday digital lives and how these can be easily avoided. This new addition to Kaspersky Lab’s multi award-winning product portfolio delivers a technically sophisticated solution that makes it simple for non-technical PC users to protect their families digital life, whilst advanced users can benefit from an impressive array of functionality and system tuning.

Pricing and availability

Kaspersky PURE will be available online (www.kaspersky.co.uk) from March 30, 2010 and from retail and online stores on April 8, 2010, and will be priced at £69.99 for a 3-user licence.

About Kaspersky Lab

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