Kaspersky Lab named among best antivirus vendors of 2009 by AV-Comparatives

02 Jan
Product News

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces that it has been named among the top three antivirus vendors of 2009 by the experts at AV-Comparatives. The company received the silver “Product of the year 2009” award for achieving consistently high ratings throughout the year in tests that assessed the quality of protection offered by antivirus solutions.

The respected Austrian lab AV-Comparatives conducts comparative tests of popular antivirus products on a regular basis. As the experts at AV-Comparatives point out, only solutions with high detection levels are tested. Over the course of a year AV-Comparatives holds various tests for antivirus solutions that evaluate criteria such as the quality of on-demand malware detection, performance, proactive protection level, the level of protection against potentially unwanted applications, and malware removal from a system. Importantly, this year AV-Comparatives started conducting dynamic tests in a real-life environment.

Throughout 2009 different versions of Kaspersky Lab products have demonstrated consistently high results in tests by AV-Comparatives and regularly received the highest Advanced + rating. In total, Kaspersky Lab products were awarded six Advanced + and two Advanced certificates in 2009. The specialists at AV-Comparatives praised their effectiveness, broad functionality, performance and ease of use.

As a result of the high scores achieved by Kaspersky Lab’s security solutions, the company was named among the top three vendors overall for 2009 according to AV-Comparatives and received the Silver “Product of the year 2009” award.

According to AV-Comparatives, Kaspersky Lab “shows very high proactive malware detection rates and good reactive malware detection rates”. The test lab experts also noted the good malware removal and system restore capabilities of Kaspersky Lab products. The company’s solutions work effectively without any noticeable impact on system performance and can be fine-tuned according to the needs of both advanced and novice users. “Kaspersky was given a Silver award as developer of some of the best products of 2009,” stated the experts at AV-Comparatives.

Apart from receiving the silver prize for the year, Kaspersky Lab came second in the Whole Product Dynamic Protection category. In this category the products were assessed on how well they protect against currently active threats in real-life conditions while employing all the available technologies in the tested solutions, i.e. both proactive and reactive.

“We appreciate the high scores that AV-Comparatives have awarded our products and we are glad to see the experts at this authoritative test lab are paying more attention to the quality of protection against current threats in real-life conditions rather than against an outdated collection of malicious programs,” says Nikita Shvetsov, Director of Malware Research at Kaspersky Lab.

“Nowadays, tens of thousands of new malicious programs are appearing on the Internet daily and it is vital for users to have immediate protection from unknown threats. We consider this to be the key criterion when assessing the quality of an antivirus solution.

“I’m sure that 2010 will be the year of the dynamic test with simulations of real-world conditions that the average user faces. Lots of the essential technologies that are aimed at combating ‘live’, active threats can only be evaluated by dynamic testing.”

AV-Comparatives’ full Summary Report 2009 can be viewed at AV-Comparatives.org [PDF 2,34Мб].